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"Marvel" ous Thursday!

Oh yeah..I am soooooo ready for the new Captain America movie tomorrow!!
Go Cap!!! 


More Debate Fun - Week Three

Welcome to week three of the 2016 Blogville Election Debate!

Arty here, asking the questions today and hoping that everyone in Blogville is getting to know all of us better!! I sure am enjoying answering all the questions!!
For more information on us, the Candy Dates, you are invited to visit our blogs:
Lexi at Lexi the Schnauzer
Arty at Dory’s Backyard
Christmas at Paw Province

Now....on to today's questions!!

1. If you could be a super hero who would you be and why??
Arty: I would be Captain America because he and I are both all about truth, justice and being all around good guys!!
Lexi: I think this picture says it all:

A heroine fighting for justice, love, peace and (gender) equality.
Christmas: Hmm...that's a tough one. Maybe I'd be Batman. He was originally Catwoman's nemesis, right? I'm just in it to chase a cat, people.

2. As Mayor of Blogville, how would you make all animals (not just canines) feel welcome??
Arty: I am a big fan of making new friends! I have kitty friends, donkey friends, crabby friends and even a friend that is a pig. I would keep hosting, and helping my sissy Dory host pawrties and make sure all my furiends new they were welcome!
Lexi: As I wrote in a recent post: All Lives Matter: All dog lives matter. All cat lives matter. All pig lives matter. All bird lives matter. All rabbit lives matter. In short, All Lives Matter. I will not discriminate because of species, breed, age, economic status, color, or gender. Not so sure about snakes and spiders, but I am open to discussion on this.
Christmas: With a place like Blogville, I'd reach out to all of my pawsome Blogville pals and tell them about the new addition. I remember how comforted and welcome I felt when I first entered Blogville, and that's something every new Blogville peep should experience. The support we have here is overwhelming, and I'll do my best to keep everyone updated on new arrivals if I become mayor.

3. Do you believe Pupparrazzi should be confined to certain hours of the day?
Arty: YES!! Being a model is hard work, and I believe the pupparazzi should only be able to take pictures between10am and 2pm. Unless there is an specific Blogville event, in which case they should have to obtain a permit!
Lexi: Absolutely! Unless, of course, they come bearing pupperoni’s.
Christmas: Yes, but it depends the case...sometimes I like to stay up late and party like there's no tomorrow, and that's a good time to share treats with my pupparazzi and let them get good pictures of me for the hottest social media sites. However, some nights I'm just peacefully sleeping in my crate and I see a hound dog in my window taking me photos of that case, yes, a celebrity should have his or her own privacy when he or she wants it. We might be popular and trending, but we are still normal dogs like every other dog, and we all have our limits. Luckily, now that I have a secret service squad (consisting of Zaphod, Beachnut, and Shelldon) my new team can escort crazy pupparazzi peeps away from me!


4. Along the same lines, what are your thoughts on "Payment" for work (tricks, modeling, keeping the pawrents out of trouble, etc.) performed?
Arty: I do believe a law should be passed insisting that high value Zukes treats should be given out with a 5 treat minimum! The amount of treats being increased to the degree of difficulty of the work performed!
Lexi: I always expect payment for performance. I believe it is all a matter of training our peeps correctly, from the first moment we step I the door. “Go outside to potty? What’s in it for me?” If we work for free, our value is diminished. I also believe that we all should receive payment in the form we like best whether it is treats, play-time, cuddling, Mickey D’s, etc.

Christmas: It depends the pet. Some doggies like toys, some like treats, and if you go as far to teach a cat something, well, it depends the cat. But whatever that reward is THAT PET SHOULD GET A LOT OF IT! I think maybe an 87 minimum? I don't know, us show dogs gotta keep fit. My cat bros like mousy toys, so maybe that's a good payment. Also, I think I should get more treats for performing "sit". I know it so well I don't get a treat that much when I do it but lots of verbal praise...what's with that? I might be so low to the ground I really don't have to think about sitting, but hey, what if a human told another human to sit and they couldn't reject the offer? Wouldn't that be tiring? Wouldn't you want a latte out of it every now and then?

5. When you attend a social gathering are you the social butterfly, the wallflower or the pawty animal. Explain how??
Arty: I am a Pawty Animal!! I am the first at any pawty to play BOOM!,  Ear biteys or bitey face. Mama says she is not sure this is a good thing, but I just love to play!!
Lexi: This is a tough one, as I spend much more time with the peeps, where I enjoy listening to intellectual conversation while being fed bites of their special party foods. I guess with other anipals I am more of an organizer, you know, the one in charge.
Christmas: Hmm...this is also sort of tough. Let's see...well, I like to stick close to my mom, but I love to meet new peeps and I love busting out some dance moves...I wouldn't say I'm any of these...maybe a mix of them all?

Stay tuned NEXT WEEK when we start  the questions asked by our very own Blogville residents !!


Announcing the Blogville Olympics!!

 That's right, the humans may think they have the market on this Olympic thing, but Blogville is also well known for their own brand of PAWlympic FUN!! 

Thanks to Christmas for the cool badge!

This year, I (Arty) am joining my fellow Mayorial Running-Mates:
Christmas at Paw Province and
in hosting the Blogville Olympics!!

We will be putting together the Opening and Closing Ceremonies along with maybe hosting an event or two!! 

What a great question!! Here is what you need to do!!
1.  Pick an Event or Create Your Own!! - It can be just about anything that we with paws, claws or hooves can participate in! See the list at the bottom of this post for past PAWlympic events!

2.  Take a Look HERE (you can also click in our page link above) on our PAWlympic Schedule. Pick an open date to host your event. 

3. Email Lexi, Christmas or Arty with the event you would like to host AND the date you would like to host it. We will confirm your request and place your event on the schedule.

PLEASE NOTE THE DEAD LION TO SIGN UP TO HOST AN EVENT IS JUNE 21st.  This will give you plenty of time to advertise your event and get your PAWtheletes!

4. Gather Your PAWtheletes! After we have confirmed your date and event, feel free to announce your event on your Blog and gather your PAWtheletes together!!

PLEASE NOTE THE DEAD LION FOR PAWtheletes TO SIGN UP FOR EVENTS is JULY 15th. Once again, we want everyone to have plenty of time to get their competition ready!!

Remember we are an EOV (Equal Opportunity Village) and welcome Hermit Crabs, Kitties, Bunnies, Birdies, Donkeys, Pigs and even Doggies to participate in our events. 

All animals are welcome no matter how big or small!!

What do you think - EASY PEASY, right???

To top it off, this will be a BLOG HOP so Blogville won't miss
any event!! We bet the humans wish THEY had a Blog Hop for their events!
 Feel free to ask either in the comments or in an email and we will answer you in the comments or email you an answer!!

Make sure to grab any or all of these Olympic Badges on your way out to use on your sidebar and to promote your event!!

Here is a list of past events (remember you can also make up your own event!!):
Cross Neighborhood Walkabouts 
Catch Me IF You Can
Couch Potato Peelin Stick(s)
Tuneful Farting  

Equestrian    (I'll bet there will be a ton of HORSING around with this one - heehee)
Synchronized Peeing
De-Stuffing Event
Tongue Curling / The Raspberry
Critter Stalking
Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do
Marathon Chewing
Window Nose ART
Free Style Zoomies
Roaching and Rolling
Peeing in the RAIN

We can't WAIT to see all the pawsome events Blogville comes up with!!



Black and White VET Result Selfies

Black and White Vet Selfies
Hi all, Dory here to let you know about our VET visit on Friday!! Bilbo has severe dry eye and has to have an ointment rubbed on his eyes everyday and the dogtur also gave him Metecam for his hip owies!  Over all, he is doing pretty darn good for a soon to be 14 year old!! Thanks for all your good vibes and POTP for him!

Mama dragged me along with Bilbo to get my "pre-BAR" check up! I am a pretty healthy girl too! My heart is doing well and Mama had them check a couple of lumpy bumpies that turned out to just be fatty cysts, hurray!! After a quick flu vaccine, I was cleared for our roadtrip!! 

The dogtur stole some of our bloods and peepee for testing, but she thought we were in GREAT shape for Senior Pups!!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!
We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday

Also...Make sure to STAY TUNED tomorrow for a VERY FUN AND EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


Cesar Classics - #Chewyinfluencer


 Whew, just in the nick of time Mama,  you almost missed the dead lion for our April #Chewyinfluencer review!! Through no fault of of course. They sent this month's selection of Cesar Classis from all the way across the country in record time!!

 That's right this month Arty and I are reviewing Cesar Classic wet food!! With our big road trip coming up, we needed something that was small and easily stored as well as nutritious and delicious to mix in with our kibble. Cesar Classics fit all our needs!!

Just to be clear, we think Mama should give us wet food EVERYDAY!! Unfortunately, she doesn't think so. Luckily, during road trips Dory won't eat her kibbles unless she has a bit of wet food deliciousness mixed in!

 Tonight, we are trying the Cesar Classic Filet Mignon Flavor!

 OMD....Filet Mignon...NOMMY!!!!

 Show us the foodies, Mama!!!

She mixed in about a quarter of the container in with out kibbles...
A bit stingy don't you think???

We couldn't put into words how much we enjoyed it, so Mama made a short video to show you how much we liked it!

 Click HERE to view it on YouTube

In case you didn't guess, we gave it 8 out of 8 paws!!
Mama says she will be ordering some to take with us on our trip to the B.A.R.!! HURRAY!!

Don't worry about Jakey or Bilbo, neither of them likes wet food...Can you believe it???? Mama did give Bilbo extra pumpkin cookies and Jakey an extra greenie so they wouldn't feel left out!

 We are joining the Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!

We were not compensated for this review. We received Cesar Classics samples in exchange for our (and Mama's) honest opinions.

 OH...and before we forget, Mama is going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in our home state of Texas for a few days. We will be staying with Nanny Ally and having LOTS OF FUN.
Mama says we can have the computer password but we probably won't be around as much as usual.


Flower Friday by the Sea

Welcome to the last Flower Friday of April!! 
Today  I am letting Mama post flowers she saw on a recent hike she took
by Arty's ocean.

It's a really pretty hike but there are lots of stairs and stuff she says are too steep for me.

...and we ALL know how Mama loves being by the ocean...

OK us the flowers already!!
We are going to let you absorb the beauty with no subtitles
(and this has NOTHING to do with the fact that Mama doesn't know the name of most of these

Don't the flowers look twice as pretty with the ocean in the background!

We hope everyone has a pawsome weekend!!

What flowers have you found this week??
Show us and join up to the Flower Friday Blog Hop!!

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