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Art Lessons with Jakey, Part 2 - Editing

  Jakey, Director of Blogville's Department of Artistic Services here, with the next installment of our PiZap tutorial!
Before we start, I want to thank everyone for all their comments on last week's tutorial!! Mama and I just love seeing all of your creations and are having so much fun helping Blogville Citizens explore their artistic sides!! 

Today we are going to explore the editing part of PiZap!!

When we last left Bilbo, he was standing next to the ducks in the mud! If you missed our tutorial on how to cut Bilbo out of the living room and put him in the mud you can click HERE to go to last week's tutorial :-).

This week we are going to splash Bilbo with some mud, put some (much needed) glasses on him and give him some words!

 Let's get started by going back to and press that big green "START" button.

 This time, we are going to click "Edit" 
(since we are "editing" the picture of Bilbo)

 Our pictures are on our computer, so we clicked

We opened the picture of Bilbo in the mud that we saved last week.

 In order to get him a bit "muddy" we are going to splash him with a bit of red paint. 
We picked the "paint" button.

 Then we made sure the paintbrush button was chosen and changed the color by clicking the square by the brown arrow.

 Once we found the right color, we "painted" Bilbo with 
"mud" (and boy was that fun!!)!

Now, since Bilbo has been complaining about not being able to see well lately, we fitted him with some glasses!  We clicked on the "Stickers" icon (it's the one that looks like a heart).
We found the "glasses" category on the right, about halfway down.

Since Bilbo likes "Professor" type accessories, we chose some wire rimmed glasses. We clicked on them, moved the over Bilbo's eyes and sized them to his face by clicking and dragging the gray dots.

He kinda looks like Harry Potter, doesn't he??
 Now let's give Bilbo some words!! 
We do this by clicking the Text button (the letter T at the top)

Next,  we clicked a text bubble on the side. We chose a "thought bubble". 
After that, we clicked in the middle of the text bubble to type the text, easy peasy!

 Finally we changed the size of the bubble and moved it out of Bilbo's face.
We clicked outside the actual text box.  See the dots all around the text bubble? We clicked and dragged these dots to make our bubble just a bit bigger. 
 We clicked outside the actual text bubble (when the dots are showing) and dragged the bubble out of Bilbo's face and to the side.  
 Once we got the text box where we wanted it and the size we wanted we clicked on the check.

 Now all that is left is to make sure it is saved where Mama can remember it and.....

Tada!!! Bilbo has mud on him.... and he won't even have to take a bath to get clean!!

Stay tuned next week when we play with the collage part of PiZap!!

We will be saving all our photo classes to our "Artistic Tutorials" page for easy reference

Please note that we are not advertising, and are in no way affiliated with PiZap. It is a photo editing site that we enjoy using only. All our opinions and directions are our own.


Girlz RULE!! - Girl's Night Out

 Mama and I were hanging out yesterday reading all our friends blogs.
Seems as if the boyz of Blogville are getting a bit, ummm, full of themselves about this whole Boyz Night Out thing. 

You know, the one that Frankie and Ernie are organizing??


Boyz can be so silly and I should know, I am surrounded by them!

I thought and thought and have decided that us girlz should have our OWN night out!!

So on Tuesday, March 24th we will show the Boyz of Blogville just how it Nights Out are DONE!!!

 We are much better models than boys....
Maybe some gal out there can host a modeling pawty???

 We are always so much better behaved than we deserve
to let our furs down MORE than the boyz!!!

 We are also much prettier dressers than the boyz...

We also play hard like the boyz....
Maybe some gals in Blogville would like to host some games,
or a mudbath pawty...Mud facials can do wonders for the furs, you know?!  A Jumping or Dancing Pawty maybe??

 Let's show those boyz that girlz are MUCH better hosts than boys!!

I will be hosting a Teddy Bear Tea Party here in Dory's Backyard
 ....the gals can send your pictures to
me and my Mama at
bethblog (at) ebchristians (dot) com.

So let's give the Boyz a BIG RASPBERRY 
 and show them just what a modern girl can do!!! 

Let me know in the comments, or by email,
if (and what kind) of event you want to host!!


Happy Dr. Suess Day

Today we are celebrating Dr. Suess Day! Mama says that with my jammies on I look like the 
Cat in the Hat...a story which was made popular in the days of old...
you know, when Mama was little.


Mama...I cannot be a CAT in a hat....I am a DOGGIE!!!

Mama says we are using "Artistic License"
I am Arty, the Dog in a Hat!!

Happy Dr. Suess Day!!!



Black and White Princess Selfie Sunday

I am Dory, Ocean Princess, Queen of the Sea!!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday!!


FFHT - Another Photo Session, Mama???

 Once upon a time there was a black and white doggie, we'll just call him Arty,  whose Mama dragged him away from a perfectly good walk for a fancy schmancy "sunset photo shoot."

 "Oh Mama," he implored, "what is so special about sunsets, why can't we just keep walking?"

 "Why Arty, you are such a handsome pup and your furs look so very pretty in the sunset colors!"

"But Mama, I would really like to go play with that doggie over there on the next bench!"

 But Arty's Mama convinced him to sit still and let her pet him while she clicked away with her camera.....

 He noticed all the big pretty rocks coming out of the ocean....

 ....and even saw some beautiful hieroglyphs 
(probably left by some beach space aliens)!

 Then he noticed how beautiful the sun was as it sunk into the water....and thought to himself;

"Watching the sunset It was so much better than I could have ever imagined !"


We are joining Mayorz Murphy and Stanley for
Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales!
 Click HERE for more information about FFHT!!

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