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Suspicion Backstage Before the Debate

When I gave Dory the 30 second cue before the debate..... was like she didn't even hear me......

Finally, I had to yell her name REAL LOUD before she finally answered!!!!!

She finally answered me...
I hope she can concentrate on the debate....

Head on over to the honorable Frankie Furter 
and WFnETV to watch the debate LIVE!

 OH and here are pictures of Dory in her dress that Mama took before we left the house....


The Road to the Great Debate - BBQ Pawty

Whew...what a week it's been and we haven't even gotten to the best part yet,  the DEBATE!! 
We invited Mayoress Madi and former Mayor, and Moderator of the 2014 Mayoral Debate, Frankie
Furter over to hang out before the big day. Feel free to grab some Angel Jazzi Tacos and Texas BBQ and relax with us!

So make sure to tune in tomorrow to WFnETV to watch the first ever Blogville Mayoral Debate!!
We will see you there!!! 

Check out how efurry one else is relaxin'!


The Road to the Great Debate - New Friends

 When we last left Dory and Jakey they had found the Murphy/Stanley RV broken down by the side of the road.....

 Mama has taught us that, even though we live in NorCal now, we are true southerners and should extend some good old Southern Hospitality. We offered to give them a lift to our place where they could rest, look for their missing friends and get the RV fixed!

 I. Dory, decided that since the debate was only TWO DAYS away, we should have a big ole  Texas BBQ the next day to celebrate!!

 We arrived at home and heard Bilbo being all Bilbo Bossy in the living room!!

Efurry started talking at the same time. Silly Bilbo thought that Murphy and Stanley's friends were SPYING!!
Silly paranoid Bilbo...

Finally, we got everything straightened out...Bilbo said he was sorry and efurrybody shook paws....I still think Bilbo is a bit weary of these guys, but hopefully we can keep him too busy to get in any trouble.....

 It was way past efurrybody's bedtimes so, after Gussie called a mechanic for the RV, I showed them the Guest Bedroom and said goodnight...

Stop  by here and to the links below tomorrow for the Pre-Debate BBQ!!!


The Road to the Great Debate - The Interrogation

You are not going to believe what happen last night....

 There I was taking my late night nap when all of a sudden I heard a rustling at our back door...


Wait a minute.....isn't that GUSSIE AND BAILEY from 

I put them on the interrogation couch and grilled them...I used my superior deduction skills and figured they had to be spies !!!

They pleaded their case...."claiming" that their RV broke down....A LIKELY STORY!!!

Arty, you are still so very young and naive!!

Will Bilbo believe their story OR threaten them with baths to make them talk?

 Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens.....on
The Road to the Great Debate!!! 

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens next here AND at:


The Road to the Great Debate - The Mall!!

Dory: What kind of questions do you think they will ask at the debate Jakey??
Jakey: I'm not sure Dory...I know that Mr. Frankie has asked where you stand on the bath issue.
Dory: That's an easy one....we are against baths!!!
Jakey: Great answer Dory!! 

.....three hours later.....

Jakey: Ok, here we are Dory. You go in and go shopping...I am going to go get some gas and snacks for the way home!!
Dory:  Okey Doke Jakey, I'll see you in a little while!!

A Little While Later.....

Jakey: Let's hit the road Dory, it is already going to be late when we get home and the boys will be worried! You can show me the dress when we get home....
Dory: Oh Jakey...I had to have the dress tailored just for me....they are going to ship it to our house in time for the debate!!

Look for Dory's new outfit at the press conference
held here next Monday morning before the Great Debate!!

to be continued......

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens next here AND at:



The Road to the Great Debate - The Big Compromise!!

Come on you guys, there must be SOME way we can all get what we want!
How about Dory and I go to the Mall to find Dory a dress?? The mall is like 3 hours away so we can go over the issues and she can practice different answers on the ride!!

I guess that would work....Arty and I can stay home and I will make sure the venue is ready.

Sounds good to me!! I LOVE the MALL!!!
I know that practice makes perfect,  I will make sure 
Jakey and I cover all the Blogville issues so I am ready for anything!

I will keep Mama company!!
OH, and talk to any press that stop by!!

Isn't Compromise GREAT!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens next here AND at:


The Road to the Great Debate - Finding a New Dress

"I cannot find anything online.....maybe they have something at Puppy Dress Barn!"

"Boys have NO sense of priority!!"

Will Bilbo be able to get the team organized in time for the Great Debate??

More importantly, will Dory find a dress???

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens next here AND at: