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Flower Friday - More Backyard Flowers

Arty here to welcome you to another Flower Friday!
This week, I am going to show you some more of our backyard flowers.

This is the flowery corner of our backyard with our cherry tree and roady dum dums.

Here is a roady close up....These guys are blooming slowly and 
Mama says that more colors will be coming soon!

These flowers are part of a bush by our fence.

This is one of our Zay-las. Both Zay-las and Roadies are very popular her in NorCal!

Here I am in the  Zay-la part of the backyard to wish efurrybody a Happy Flower Friday!!!


Arty and the Sun Go Bye Bye

Finally, Mama and Daddy took
me bye bye to my ocean!!

Mama said she thought it would be nice to capture
the "perfect shot" of me as the sun went bye-bye.

Don't you just HATE the human words "perfect-shot"????

Yep Mama, that is the sun...going bye-bye.

Ummmm...Mama, wouldn't you rather take the "perfect shot" of me running after a birdie??

Or hey, could get the "perfect shot" of me going to plays with that other doggie and his peoples over there!! is your chance Mama...but there had BETTER be cookies involved in this photo shoot!!

Here I am singing "Sunshine on my Shoulders" can't help but love a good John Denver song, right??

Until tomorrow sun!!

Thanks so much to Ruckus and Love is Being Owned by a Husky
for hosting the Thoughtless Thursday Blog Hop!


Tasty Tuesday at the Movies

You can imagine how happy I was to return from our spa day to
find a box from Mr. Andrew at had arrived!!

I don't know is going to take lots more than treats 
for me (Jakey) to forgive Mama for paying someone to steal our furs!!

 But Jakey look how nommy these Wellness Petite Treats- Soft Mini Bites
look!!They have nommy Turkey, ginger and our favorite...POMEGRANATE!!

Look Jakey...they are also grain free so that I, Arty, can eat them too!!

Most importantly they have whole food ingredients and are only FOUR 
calories each...that means they can be "good puppy" treats and Mama can give them to us as positive reinforcement through out the day!!

Efurrypuppy in this house LOVED them even Mr. Picky-pants Bilbo!!

Here is a video of us being crazy puppies waiting patiently for our cookie....even BILBO let himself get filmed! You can click here to go directly to You Tube and watch.

Thanks to Sugar and  Kol's Notes for sponsoring another wonderful
Tasty Tuesday!


No Mischief Monday

Hmmmm...what's the over here, it sure does smell good, maybe a snail or other nommy buggle??

Mmmmmm...if I could just figure away to get behind this hose thingy.....

ARTY!!!!! You know Mama says you are NOT allowed back behind those hoses!!! are such a FUN MONSTER!!!

Somebody's got to keep that young whipper snapper in line!!


Black and White Sunday

Stop and Smell the Flowers Edition

Thank you Nola and Sugar for hosting the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop!


Sepia Saturday - Backyard Fun

A Backyard full of....

Flower Power

and Jakey Handsome-ness

thanks to Ruckus for hosting another fun
Sepia Saturday!