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Wordless Wednesday - Christmas in July

Thanks to BlogPaws for hosting!!

Chewys Tasty Tuesday!

This week we are joining our good friends Sugar and Koly over at Kol's Notes for the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop!

Jakey here today to tell you about our latest box from!!!
Hey Arty and Dory,  what did you find??

We don't know Jakey, but it sure smells nommy!!

Oh man Jakey, it looks like sent us some Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats, what do you think Dory?

You are so very right Arty!!  They are Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats, the chicken flavor  with sweet potatoes and apple!!!!

Not only that Dory, they are made with REAL chicken and all natural ingredients so Mama will be happy too!

 Move over Arty!! 
I, Jakey, am in charge of taste testing today!!

MMmmmmmmmm, they smell sooooo goood!!!
And the taste Nommy too!!

Bilbo went next and he gobbled them right up!!!

We give Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats Sixteen (16) paws up!!!

 Hmmmmmm...wonder if Bilbo left any crumbles???

Happy Tasty Tuesday!!!
Be sure to visit Sugar and Kolchak to see what they are tasting this week!


Mama Mischief Monday

Mama has a problem......

It's not so bad when it is just Dory but lately

Mama is dressing us boys up in silly hats

 Crazy, right???

This is NOT fun Mama....

There better be some special noms involved in this...

You said it Arty, some VERY special noms involved!!

Do your Mamas get into mischief sometimes too??

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Black and White Sunday - Beach Bum

Arty: Hurry Mama, we have lots more beach to see!!

Happy Black and White Sunday!
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Sepia Saturday - Summer Edition

Come on Mama LET'S GO!!!
 We are lucky to live where summers are cooler 
and we can spend days hiking.....

 in beautiful places!

Happy Sepia Saturday!
Thanks to Ruckus for hosting the 
Sepia Saturday Blog Hop!!

Flower Friday - Unexpected Beauty!

Happy Flower Friday Effurybody!!

This week we are going to show you beauty can be seen where you least expect it!

 These may look like just another bunch of weeds on your neighbor's fence but,  when you look closer....

 They are beautiful flowers!

These may look like weeds growing out of a cement wall but, when you get up close....

They may be a bit dried out but, they are beautiful just the same!!

Isn't it amazing how we can find beauty everywhere??!!


Thoughtless Thursday - Toy Story

Dory here to show you what a day in the life of a stuffy is like around our place.....

First, we have the toy tip off.  Mama drops the toy in the middle of all of us!
...usually Arty wins.....

Jakey is almost always nice enough to let Arty get the first chewies in since Arty gets grumpy if he doesn't get at least a footie or ear chewed off.

Looks like Arty is after a stuffy footie here! Eventually Arty loses interest (he still has a bit of the puppy "shiny thing" syndrome) and before you know it...

Jakey moves in for the steal!!!

Usually I stay out of the craziness the boys go through but it looks like Jakey is going to get this squeakie out of this toy before its time. Soooooooooo........

I, Dory, protect it so it can live another day!!! 

How do you all handle toys in your pack???

We are taking place in the Thoughtless Thursday Blog Hop!!
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