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Tuesday Tasking - 25 Days of Holiday Fun Info!

As December ramps up, and the Holidays get into full swing, here are a couple of reminders!!

Have you heard about Dory's Birthday Party and Blogville Howliday Gala??

On December 26th Miss Dory is celebrating her 13th Birthday!! 
In order to ring her teenage years in style, she and Mr. Bailey are hosting a Birthday Pawty/Howliday Gala on December 26th. So ask your best guy or gal, and get your  pictures in to our assistant by December 20th!

Now, here is Dory with an update on the 25 Days of Holiday Fun!!

Hi Efurryone, as most of us know, December hasn't started off very festive. Some of our best furiends have earned their Angel Wings in the past week. I believe a great way to help heal is to continue spreading peace, cheer and smileys! What better way to do that than to share your favorite Holiday Tradition!!

Make Sure to Stop by and Visit:

and hop aboard the Blog Hop with your favorite Holiday Tradition!!
Now, our assistant wasn't very specific with the instructions for this hop, because we didn't want to put limits on anything. Here's the scoop:
1-For those who signed up for a specific day, from this day forward we will be linking to you and letting people know to stop by your Blog and see what your sharing! Make sure to hop aboard the Blog Hop so friends who visit you can see what other people are sharing!
2-Did you forget to sign up, or just have a special holiday post you want to share?? Link up to the blog hop and share your holiday tradition!!
 Feel free to email us with any questions OR if you signed up for a specific day that doesn't work for you anymore
(bethbog (at) ebchristians (dot) com


Pawlice Academy Graduation!

It seems like just yesterday I, Jakey, started my Pawlice Academy training to become a member of the Blogville Law Enforcement Community dreaming of being a member of Sheriff Stanley's S.W.A.T.  division!! 

Training was very physically demanding...
but my fellow trainees made it lots of fun too!! Before we knew it, it was time for us to graduate and be divided into our different departments!!
Guess What???

I made it into S.W.A.T!!!! This is a dream come true for me!!
I know, as a member of S.W.A.T.,  I can put my squirrel catching and stuffy deading skills to use to keep Blogville safe!!

Excuse me that's dispatcher Madi is on the radio...
What's that Madi??  An 8787??
That's a squirrel spotted in a nearby Christmas tree, right??

OH NO!!  

Time to start keeping Blogville Safe!!
See how the rest of the recruits did by visiting them on our Blog Hop!


Black and White Santa Selfie Sunday

I had to take my selfie with this silly hat
and those are the only cookies you have, Mama??
You know Mama, Wyatt's Mama made them HOMEMADE cookies to wear their silly hats, hint, hint!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


December Birthdays!

Before we get to the Birthday Calendar Dory wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to her Best Guy:

December is a popular month around here Mr Bailey, Mama, Daddy AND Dory ALL have birthdays this month!!

Look at all the Blogville December Babies!!
 Handsome Mr. Bailey at the Idaho Pug Ranch on  December 2nd
Co-Anchor of the BFTB NetWoof News Bentley on December 3rd
Emily on December 4th
Brom over at Weighty Matters celebrates on December 6th
On December 10th we remember Angel Ciara
Cyndi over at the Funny Farm has a Birthday on the 21st
Christmas  over at Paw Province is celebrating on Christmas Day
and, last but not least, 
Dory here at Dory's Backyard turns 13 on the 26th!!

With 2017 around the corner now is the pawfect time to get your name added to the Birthday Calendar! Email your birthday to:
bethblog (at) ebchristians (dot) com
to have our assistant add it to next year's Birthdays!

Come Fly with Us to Heceta Head!

 We are so very proud to host Sammy as he flies around visiting all over Blogville, and the world, today!!

 We thought and thought about where we could meet Sammy and finally decided to show him the Heceta Head Lighthouse, about 4 hours north of us near Florence, Oregon!!

 The Heceta Head Lighthouse is named after Don Bruno de Heceta from San Blas, Mexico. He discovered the land way back in 1775, back when Mama was a little girl...right Mama??

 We took a little walk on a path up to the lighthouse where we learned a bit more about the lighthouse and how kitties seem to have a better sense of direction than us woofies.

 The Lighthouse, along with the keepers quarters and a barn, were completed in 1893. In 1913 they installed indoor plumbing and they didn't have electricity until 1934!!

 Heceta Head Lighthouse has had its ups and downs. Landslides, disrepair and being in a very remote area have made it challenging to keep it maintained. It has been home to the Coast Guard and troops even stayed there during World War II!

 Luckily, it was declared a Historic Landmark in 1978 and in 2011 it was totally restored! Now there is even a Bed and Breakfast place on the same property!! 
You can read more about Heceta Head Lighthouse HERE.

 Thanks so much for stopping by Sammy, we love you lots and hope you are enjoying your Balloon ride!!

Hop aboard the Come Fly with Me Blog Hop!!



Taking Care of Our Own and 25 Days of Holiday Fun

Badge by Ann @ Zoolantry
Before we start with the 25 Days of Holiday Fun, have you read about how you can help Easy's Family?? Mayorz Murphy and Stanley have posted the following on how we can help Easy's family take care of any outstanding Vet bills:

Blogville Takes Care Of Its Own!

By now you have all heard of our friend Easy's passing.  As you can imagine, his family is devastated beyond words.  All of Blogville shares in their mourning.  Easy was well known and much loved by so many! Many of us wish there was "something" we could do.  Well there is something you can do.

Easy's insurance did not cover any of the costs to the ER dogtur who provided the service and ultimately operated on Easy.  So we want to take the financial loss part away from his family and reimburse them for his medical care.  It was bad enough to lose their beloved best friend!

 To Donate Money For Easy’s Medical Expenses:

PayPal – The fastest way is PayPal.  Because of the differing currencies we encourage you to use this method.  The money will go into an account (monitored by Idaho Pugs) and then transferred to Easy’s Family.  When you donate the money select the option “Sending Money To A Friend”.  Make sure you select that option! To use PayPal you need your own account (sets up quickly and easily).  Go to PayPal and send the money to pugranch2[AT]msn[DOT]com

We are trying to avoid setting up a GOFUNDME page because they take a larger part of the donation for their fee (5%+) and we want as much money as possible to go towards Easy’s medical expenses.  

There will also be an auction announced soon by Mollie & Alfie One Wing.

Thank you for making "LOVE" a verb!!



We thought about cancelling today's 25 Days of Holiday Fun, but knew Angel Easy would be with us in spirit and want to continue having fun in Blogville. 

One of our favorite Holiday Traditions in our annual 
Holiday Pawty AND Dory's Birthday Bash! 

 Mr. Bailey and I had our first dance in 2014 at my 11th Birthday...

...and we had one of our first big Blogville photos in 2014 too!!

Last year, we had a fun Twerk Mob led by Madi!

and Mr. Bailey and I spent a very romantic evening together!

This year, on December 26th, I am going to turn THIRTEEN and I will officially be a teenager! Mr. Bailey and I are hosting the Third Annual Blogville Gala and Birthday Bash!!

Email your pictures to my Assistant (aka Mama) at
bethblog (at) ebchristians (dot) com
by December 20th and we'll see you  at the

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