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King and Queen of the Demolition Derby!!

You've heard about Oreo's Demolition Derby coming up on August 29th, right???

Well, we volunteered to host the contest for the King and Queen of the Derby!!!

That's right, we are taking applicants starting now, until August 26th! On Thursday, August 27th we will display all the entries and have a closed comment vote to ask Blogville to elect our winners!! are probably asking yourself a couple of questions...
Let's see if we  can answer them for you!

 Question #1: "What do I need to do to enter into the running for King or Queen?"

Well that's an easy one....You need to enter a picture of yourself, dressed like what YOU think a Demolition Derby King/Queen should look like!! 

Question #2: Do I have to be part of a "couple" to enter the contest??
Nope, you don't HAVE to be part of a couple BUT if you want to enter a picture of you and your beau that would be PAWSOME too!! If you win, (and your partner doesn't)your partner can be your "escort".

Question #3: Do I have to be part of the Derby to participate??
Nope, but we DO think the Demolition Derby is going to be a you should go visit Oreo, HERE, to find out how to enter! is some more fun info from Blogville's Director of Artistic Services, our very own Jakey!!
As most of you know,  I am NOT fond of dressing up in REAL clothes.  I will be giving refresher classes on how to "Dress yourself up" for the next 2 Thursdays (August 5th and August 12th).

I'll show you how I turned the mild mannered (BOL) Arty from this ummmm sweet little guy....

To THIS sharp looking Derby Prince Dude!

...and then I'll show you how to turn this cute, cuddly, wonderful, best dog ever into...

This potential Disco King of the Derby!!!

Now I, Dory, think a Queen should be all frilly and I am perusing my wardrobe to find just the right outfit!!You can join ME, Dory for fashionista dress up tips on Thursday, August 19th!

OH.....and did we mention??? There will be prizes!!!!!
A prize box will be sent to both the King and Queen of the Derby treats and a toy catered to the type furry they are!

Don't forget,  email your pictures to us by August 26th!!

Feel free to ask us any questions (you can leave then in the comments or email us) and we will answer them next Thursday!


Travel Tuesday - In Search of the Pawrents

Happy Travel Tuesday!!!
Today we are continuing our journey through Bonaire
with Mini Dory and the Mini Boyz!!

When we last left the Minis they were about
to go looking for Mama and Daddy..... 

We had a blast under the sea and totally get why Ariel and Nemo love it so much!

Here is a movie Mama made starring some of our new friends!
You can also go to YouTube by clicking HERE to watch :-)

Join us next week when our guide Flo, the Flamingo, shows us around the island!


Tuggy Interruptis

We interrupt this tuggy game for  some Monday Minders!
There is sooooooo much going on around Blogville in the coming weeks that we thought we would take today to let you know a few of the things going on around town!!
Of course, this Friday is the famous monthly FFHT hosted by Blogville's very own Mayorz, Murphy and Stanley!!

This week's writing prompt is: 
" That was the first time I ever . . ."

Click the FFHT badge above to transport over for more information!
 We all love a celebration, right?? Well did you know the beautiful Sugar is turning 14??!! She doesn't look a day over 7 to us!! She is having a big Barkday Pawty on August 10th!  Just put up a  Smiley Photo Blog Post and link up to her Blog Hop! We hear there are going to be prizes and everything so make sure to visit Sugar by clicking on her badge to get more information about this grand celebration!!
Later in the month, Oreo is hosting the Blogville Demolition Derby!!! A crash 'em, bash 'em event for sure!! We know we are looking forward to it!! Visit Oreo by clicking the car above or on his name to read more about the Demolition Derby!!

In addition to the Demolition Derby, we here at Dory's Backyard will be hosting the King and Queen of the Derby contest! This is going to be so super exciting, that we will need a whole post to explain it!! Join us here on Thursday to learn more about it!! 

Of course, in the coming month we will have more information coming out about Blogville's National Retreat (BNR) being held in June of 2016. We are working hard behind the scenes to come up with exact dates and place for this pawsome event and hope to have it for you in the next couple of weeks!!!

 In addition to the  National Retreat we, at Dory's Backyard, will be holding a Blogville regional retreat. This too, will have it's own post coming out in the next couple of weeks. Make sure to stay tuned if you live in the Pacific Northwest and would like to meet some fellow Blogville Citizens next summer!!

Now we return you to your original game of Tuggy!!


Black and White Sunday


We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!


Sepia Lighthouse Picnic

Mini Dory and I are having a nice cup of tea while she shows me pictures of.....

...the lovely lighthouse she saw!

We are joining Ruckus and Earl for Sepia Saturday
this week!!

Casual Flower Friday

Hola Amigos! Welcome to Flower Friday!!
This week I am keeping it casual and using flower pictures from around the house that Mama had in her archives!

First we have this lovely bowl of cooki....I mean, this bouquet of Flowers from the Farmer's Market!!
(Bilbo...stop creeping around back there, these are MY cookies!! )

Such a pretty rosie flower....

Mama just loves this orange calla lily!! We have never seen one this color before!!

Our flowers in the back yard are blooming like crazy too!

The yellow roses are doing well....

The pink ones in the back are blooming too!!
(don't mind the invasive raspberry in front of the roses)

Our Bougainvillea is growing like crazy!!!

I just love how pink they are, don't you???

I hope you get lots of time this weekend to stop and smell the flowers!!
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