Gone Campin' at the Mini BAR

We are off to Oregon, Mini Dory will be stopping by for Flower Friday...We'll catch up with everybody next week!!

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TT - BFF Reunion Part Deux!

Mini Dory here again this week with Mama and her BFF to show you some more of the fun things we did!!

One afternoon we went to Napa Valley and the peeps did some wine tasting!

We walked around Mama's favorite winery, St. Supery....

...and all the peeps tasted some wine while we enjoyed some relaxation and catching up on the pretty terrace!

We capped the evening off with a very nice dinner! All the peeps had MORE wine, while my new friend Ninertroll and I played on a nice mini jungle gym they had at the table!

One morning we got up early and made a drive down to the Carmel/Monterey, CA area! BFF wanted to see the 17 Mile Drive...well let me tell you, that is one LONG drive when you have to stop 87 million times for Mama to take pictures!!

Some famous golf course called Pebble Beach runs all along the 
87 mile drive.

Mama had to stop and take pictures of all the wildlife! Here I am with some Cormorants and their little ones!

There were sea doggies everywhere...

...Mama even saw some horsies riding along the rocky shore!! 
Here I am catching a ride with them!

This gull thought I might have brought him some of my bready turtle, but I told him the sign said I wasn't allowed to feed him or any other animal in the park. In fact, Mama had smoke coming out of her ears 'cause people were feeding the birds and squirrels all kinds of things...

OMD...MAMA!! You were NOT suppose to show people this picture!!! Mama MADE me stand next to this rock rat!

Moving right along...after the 87 mile drive, we spent some time walking around the quaint small town of Carmel!
As you can see, it is right next to the water!

We had a nice Italian supper while we were visiting...

...and I spent some quality time with my friend K!

It was starting to get late, so we made a brief stop in Monterrey...

...to watch the sun go down on another fun day!

Make sure to join me next week on Travel Tuesday when we head out on a fun boat ride back in San Francisco!!


Blogville Picnic Deets!

Hi All!! Jakey and I are here together today to tell you more about the Blogville Picnic!

Make sure to fill up a picnic basket and join the fun!!
We are hoping Abby Lab will be driving around in the Blogville Food Truck (with her Daddy's help of course) with some delicious picnic foodables you can pack!

Now....here is the 411, the deets, the information...you know, 
the SCOOP on how to be a part of the fun day! 
As you will see, there are a few different ways to take part in the festivities!!

One way is to host an event!!
Jakey,  why don't you tell everyone how to they can host an event??
Thanks Arty!!
Hosting an event is pretty easy peasy! 

First, think of a fun event you might like to host! It can be a traditional picnic game like a potato sack race or a relay race OR it can be something unique and original! You know,  a farting contest or maybe a fishy eating contest to see who can eat the most in one sitting!! 

After you have a game picked,  let us know and we'll put it on the Activity Sign Up SheetWe'll use this to keep track of who is hosting what!  You can click  HERE or click on the badge on our sidebar to get to the sign up sheet and see who has signed up! If you have a dead lion for pictures for your activity, let us know and we'll put it on the sign up sheet too! We suggest you pick an event to host in the next week or so to give everyone a chance to sign up!!

Then, promote your activity with a blog post! You can ask for pictures, or just let people know what you have planned!  We will also be doing updates here every Monday until the picnic to keep everyone up to date on the new activities being added (and any dead lions that might be coming up)!

Finally, on the day of the picnic, link up to the Activity Transporter (Blog Hop Linky). This way Blogville will be able to stop by and watch all the events!

Please note,  these events can be hosted by dogs, cats, bunnies, Aunties, mousies...even birdies!
As long as you have a blog, you can host an event! 

Questions??  Ask us in the comments and we will make sure to get back to you asap!

 Now Arty, why don't you tell everyone about the Barn Dance after the picnic!!
Thanks Jakey!! When the sun sets on Picnic Day, put on your scootin' boots and join Mabel and me for a night of fun and dancing at the Blogville Barn Dance!!

Send us a "cut out" of yourself for the dance floor if you can, or send Mama any picture to dress up for the photo booth!!

The Dead Lion to get your pictures in is Monday, September 18th

Don't forget about the How I Sent my Summer Vacation Blog Hop on September 12th!!
Read more about this fun Blog Hop HERE


BW Happy Dog Ussie

We had Daddy help us take this Ussie during our last hike!

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Caturday Art-y

I am trying to "keep it together" today while Mama runs around like a crazy lady getting ready for our trip to Oregon for the Mini B.A.R.!!

We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty
for the Caturday Art Blog Hop!


Flowers Around da 'Hood!

Today I, Jakey, and my little furiends are celebrating flower Friday by showing you all some flowers we have been seeing bloom around the neighborhood!!

Here are some interesting yellow flowers that look like some kind of lupine...but they were growing on a bush!

The hydrangea is starting to wither on some bushes...

I love August in our neighborhood, the weather is cool and breezy and the rain hasn't started up. This means Mama takes Arty and I for walkies every day!

We see lots of roses blooming in our area almost all year round...here is a purdy reddish orange one!

These beautimus Butterfly Iris's have been blooming most of the summer...

These cuties were barely two inches round!
Mama loves their colors!

Is that a squirrel over there??
Sorry, I digress...

Beautiful pink rose...

I love the little sunshine in the middle of this pink beauty!

Here are some Blue Hydrangeas....

Come on Mama, it's almost walkie time!! 
OK, we can show just a couple more tho!

A pretty purple flower...maybe some type of Morning Glory..

...and some pink Mountain Hydrangea that was growing in front of the
Blue Hydrangea!!

OK Mama, LET'S GO!!!

Sorry, Jakey left for walkies, but he said to tell everyone to have a
Magical Weekend!!

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!


Thankful Thursday

 Today we are thankful for something that helps me keep an eye on the neighborhood while staying comfy....

 and where I can wait for Daddy, and take a nap if I get tired....

We are so very thankful for our bedroom window!!

 We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop this week!