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Sunshine on a Rainy Day as a #ChewyInfluencer

Hi everybody, #ChewyInfluencer Dory here today to tell you about a product that is very near and dear to myself and my brothers' hearts!  Before I tell you about it I wanted to tell you that this product is one that our Mama has Autoshipped  to our house on a set time frame EVERY MONTH to make sure we NEVER EVER EVER run out. Because if we did....well, let's just say Mama would be in our doghouse for sure!!  We are so thankful to for having not only this very important feature, but for being there with 24/7 customer service and zippy fast shipping!!!

Now where was I...OH YES...our monthly #Chewyinfluencer product...
GREENES..Dory..look GREENIESGREENIESGREENIES!!! are suppose to be PAWFESSIONAL when we do our #Chewyinfluencer review!!
Yes, this month we are reviewing Greenies Grain Free dental chews!

I mean, eh-hem...
That's right Dory,  just in time for Dental Care Month, we are trying the Petite size Greenie! Greenies come in four different sizes for all dog shapes!!

Look at all of these benefits for keeping your teefies clean, naturally! 

Plus...they make all of us smile on all these cloudy and rainy days we have been experiencing this Winter!!

Very good Arty!! Now...lets go to the taste test portion of our review!

Daddy is in charge of giving us greenies. We always make sure he knows when it is time! Mama says we must have a bit of some pup named Pavlov in us because we KNOW, when Dad's phone beeps it's "time"!

We have put together a short video to show you just how much we LOVE Greenies!!

You can visit HERE to watch it on YouTube

 Nommmmm...nom, nom, nom!!!
12 paws up here...

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!!
Bilbo says as soon as they start making soft Pumpkin Greenies he'll give them a try BOLBOL!!

Thanks for making sure we always get our favorite treats and foodies on time!!

We were given a bag of  Grain Free Greenies to try in exchange for ours (and sometimes Mama's) honest review. We were not compensated for this review.  These are our very own opinions!!

We are joining the Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!


Working from Home on President's Day

 Happy President's Day!!
I thought I would put in a couple of hours catching up on paperwork here in my and Mama's home office! 

Let me show you around!
 This is my Inspiration has special momentos and knick knacks that I can look at for inspiration!

Of course, I have everything to keep me going too!
So, while Mama, Daddy, Dory, Jakey and Bilbo are kicking back watching TV today, I'll be here making sure Blogville is running smoothly!!

Are you working today??

Welcome Teddy Selfies!!

Today we are having Mama take our selfies while we welcome Angel Sammy's new brother Teddy to the neighborhood!! We also have a few nuggets of wisdom as he settles in with his peeps...

 Welcome Teddy!! Jakey and Arty here...we want to make sure you remember to always keep your peeps close in sight. You never know when they might need to give you treats your help!!

Dory here, Teddy..Welcome to Blogville!! I wanted to make sure you know to demand treats and toys while laying in your favorite sun puddle...For me, there is nothing better than a chewy in my favorite sun puddle!

Bilbo here, Teddy..Two words
Nap Often!!!

We hope our advice comes in handy, we know you are going to have a totally pawsome life!!

Join us in welcoming Teddy and Hop aboard 
the Welcome Teddy K Blog Hop!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Not Sunny Saturday

 Hey Dory, do you see the sun out there??

 I sure don't Jakey, what about you Arty...and sun over there??

 Nope, but it's starting to rain again. 
Sheesh, looks like we are going to spend the day inside again!!

 We are running out of ideas on rainy day games. 
What do you do on rainy days???


Flower Friday

Happy February Flower Friday!!! Here on the North Coast of California, we are getting tons of rain and, believe it or not, the trees are starting to think it's Spring outside!!

Here are some pretty cherry blossoms

...and the magnolias are blooming everywhere!

Mama and just wish we could have a few more sunny days...

 Mama does like the look of flowers with rain this Magnolia bud..

 ...and the inside of this Magnolia

February is the month of love, so Mama has a few roses around the house...

 Little baby tea cup roses...

 ...and these beautiful pink roses are part of a bouquet Daddy gave her!

Thanks for joining us for Flower Friday and don't forget to join us Sunday... Welcome Teddy go over to
Madi's HERE to read more!

Post pictures of your flowers and hop aboard the Winter Flower Friday Blog Hop! They can be flowers blooming in your area now or your favorite pictures of flowers from a Spring or Summer memory!!
(click HERE if the hope link doesn't show up to be transported to our Hoppity Page)


Thursday Thanking

 Today we would like to thank for sending us this beautimous Valentine's Day Surprise!!

 Ummmmm...WHAT MAMA??? This is for YOU?? I don't think that is very fair....

 OK, OK I know, as #ChewyInfuencers Me and the Boyz get to give our honest reviews on Nommy stuff every month and share our review with our social medial furiends.

I SUPPOSE they can give you a treat every now and then.....

Stay tuned Tuesday to see what we are trying this month!

...and stay tuned tomorrow for February's Flower Friday!!
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