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So much to little time

You know Dory...There are only SIX more sleeps until Christmas

OMD...that must be why Mama and Daddy are running like squirrels!! Mama has been
going away for hours at a time and coming in with all kinds of packages saying something about
shopping locally this year.

Then she wraps them all up puts them in boxes and takes them bye bye to the post office where they are delivering them to our relatives all over the United States. 

ANYWAY.....since she knows she has been real busy, she thought maybe you all and your peeps have been busy too.....

Since we want to make sure efurryone gets to have a chance to go to my Birthday Pawty/Blogville Christmas Gala. We are extending the dead lion until 11:59PM PST Monday, December 22nd!!

Dress for the pawty can be ANYTHING! We have some furiends coming dressed to the nines, others will be dressed in their Christmas gear...remember anything goes here at Dory's Backyard!! 

If you need some help with an outfit, we are more than happy to get you all "suited up" (or "dressed up"). Just send us a picture of your cute face (to bethblog (at)ebchristians (dot) com )

Feel free to bring a date OR come solo!!

We hear Ruby fixed up some cutesy couples and speaking of couples.....looks like Ruby did a great job fixing up  Arty and Jakey, they have been matched up with a couple of gorgeous East Coast Babes!! That's right, Chloe and Lady Bug have graciously agreed to go with Arty and Jakey!!!

It's going to be a night to remember for sure!!


Almost Wordless Wednesday - Naughty??

Who's he calling NAUGHTY???

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Christmas Gala extension announcement!

We are taking place in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop this week!



Sunny Day!

Wow it is awfully bright out today....

What is that bright yellow ball in the sky....

We have had so much rain lately I forgot what the sun looked like....

Thanks for listening Mr. Seagull!


Monday Mischief Holiday Style

Jakey here to show you how to make sure you are fairly paid for any silly holiday photo shoots you may be required to model for.

Do not promise ANYTHING without seeing the reward nom first. Dory is very trusting and will always look at the camera. Arty and me not so much. Here Arty is demonstrating flashy box evasion while I give Mama the stinky eye....

Mama somehow convinced Arty she had noms but I ever saw the cookie....not looking Mama!

 If you still don't see a nom, walk off the set and refuse to model until you are compensated!!

 When, and ONLY when you have been duly compensated,  grace them with ONE picture with you (and your siblings) looking at the camera!


BW Dog on BW Sunday

 Artytree,  Oh Artytree 
how graceful are your, ummmm,

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!


Sepia Card Count

Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo - 34 Cards 
Mama and Daddy - 4 
(and that is sharing the Chewy card with them!!)

We are joining Ruckus and Earl for Sepia Saturday this week!!


Seeing Beautiful on Flower Friday

WOW...the last month flew by didn't it???

Today we are also taking part in Sugar's See Beautiful Blog Hop and seeing the beautiful in our December Flowers!

The weather here in Northern California has been very rainy, 
but not very cold and this is fooling our bushes into thinking it is Spring!!

 Our Azalea's are blooming....

Just look at our rhododendrons....the pink ones AND

 the white ones!!! We can't believe they are blooming!!

 Look at these pretty little  flowers Mama found on a tree when she abandoned us went away for the weekend with Daddy

 A flower at Arty's beach....

 ....and just beautiful flowery colors!!

 Make sure to take a minute to See Beautiful in something today!!

Thanks to SugarGoose, MadiBert and Miss Lydia from See Beautiful 
for hosting the See Beautiful Blog Hop on the Second Friday of the Month!