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Special Election Announcement

We have a short press release from Campaign Headquarters.....

Now back to your regularly schedule Labor Day Fun!!


Flower Friday Season Wrap Up!!

Happy Flower Friday Season Wrap Up!!!
This is our last Flower Friday of  the summer...
We still want to see efurrybuddy's flowers year round, so we will
be having Flower Friday on the second Friday
of efurry month through the winter to help us remember that Spring is on it's way!!

Rhody-dum dums that bloomed this past Spring in our yard
 We are so very blessed to live in such a beautiful place with so many nice flowers. There may not be any squirrels to chase,  but there are lots of flowers to smell.....wait, WE MISS SQUIRRELS!!!

Texas Wildflowers
We were lucky that Mama took a trip to Texas (where they have LOTS of SQUIRRELS) and could remind of us of all the pretty flowers there.

 We could always find pretty flowers our walkies.. (but NOT ANY squirrels)

 ...We love the garden by the Sequoia Zoo, it has the most beautiful Dahlias (did you know they do not even have a squirrel exhibit AT THE ZOO)

We have loved hosting Flower Friday this season, Blogville has some very beautiful flowers! We hope you will join us on the second Friday of efurry month with your favorite fall and winter flowers OR pictures of your summer flowers to help keep us warm when it gets cold outside!! We will be back to efurry Friday next April!!
 (Maybe we will have some Squirrels to chase by then...) 


Thoughtless Thankful Thursday

Look what the UPS man left at our door yesterday.
A BOX!!!

"Nope, not from Chewys"
  Jakey checked it out first...

"What is this word train you speak??"
Remember on Sugar's Birthday she was GIVING presents (That Sugar is such a sweetie!)?? Well we WON ONE!! This is a "Train & Praise" treat machine!!!

"You put treats in it, right Mama???"
We asked Mama to put the batteries in so we could try it out!! It made a funny (and a little scary at first) noise and then guess what???

It  spits out TREATS!!!!

"This one's MINE!"


Thanks Sugar and PetSafe for sending us this cool

Happy Thoughtless Thursday!!
Thanks to Ruckus and Jenna over at Love is Being Owned by a Husky for hosting! 

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Kissing Babies, Can I Do It?

"I think I can, I think I can"


Tasty Tuesday - Goody Buddy Peanut Butter Treats!!

How come Jakey ALWAYS gets to do the reviews???
Jaaaakkkkeeeyyyy...the Chewy's Box is Here!!!

Heeeyyyy did Arty open this box???

Today, we got to review Good Buddy Peanut Butter Dog Cookies today!! The first thing I noticed was they looked like the cookies MAMA and DADDY eat!!

Before we get too the good stuff let's get the "Why Mama's will like them stuff" out of the way....

Noooommmmm.....Peanut Butter!!
Our Mama likes that they have REAL peanut butter AND they are baked!!

Our Mama also likes that the first ingredient is protein!! She wasn't sure about those tocopherols, so she looked them up....according to Bing's dictionary:

  • to·coph·er·ol
  • [ tō kóffə ràwl ]
  1. antioxidant compound: one of a group of fat-soluble compounds that make up vitamin E, present in vegetable oils and leafy greens 
She was happy tocopherol is made of natural stuffles!!

Here we are patiently waiting for a chance to taste them....

Nom...nom, nom
Bilbo seems to like them...,

Give it to me MAMA!!
Here I am dancing and gently taking the cookie from Mama, I know, I know...I am very talented (and modest too!).

Dory, I think we didn't get fair air time on this review!!!
Dory and Arty also tasted them but they are like little Hoover machines, and ate theirs before Mama could even clicky the flashy box!

We give these 15 paws up(out of our 16 paws!) Mama's only complaint was that they were a bit crunchy for Bilbo and she had to crunch them into itty bitty pieces for him to eat. 

As usual, Chewy's service was impeccable, and we thank them for giving a chance to taste these treats in exchange for our honest review!

Thanks Kolchak and Sugar for hosting!!