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Chewys Beach Party

 We wanted to show how much we were enjoying our box of goodies they sent us!!
We brought all our stuff to Arty's Beach!!

 We played beach ball, had a picnic and had all kinds of fun!!

 We even did some box surfing!!!

Thanks to Mr. Andrew and for making this the BESTEST
day at the beach EVER!!!


Monday Mischief - Campaign Photo Shoot

Mama: You know guys, a top notch campaign team needs a good campaign picture
Dory: OMG....Mama, seriously?? I have to take a picture with the BOYS??
Arty: Dory, remarks like that are NOT good for your campaign
Bilbo and Jakey: Are those cookies over there???

Jakey and Arty: We are looking at the camera Mama, can we have a cookie now??
Bilbo: Hey Dory, don't you think we should be looking at the camera??
Dory: Mmmmmmm, cookies.....


Bilbo and Arty: Cookies Mama??
Jakey: Want me to get them Mama???
I just can't work like this Mama!!

and don't forget...
"To continue Blogville’s Happy Story
…make sure you cast your vote for Dory”

We hope you get into a bit of mischief today!!

 We are taking part in the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, thanks to Alfie, Snoopy and My Brown Newfies for hosting!!


Senior Dog Black and White Sunday

We are celebrating Bilbo, our most senior dog,  a bit more this month as part of
Blogpaws Celebrate Senior Dogs month!

Happy Black and White Sunday!
Thanks to Nola and Sugar for hosting!


Sepia Saturday - Senior Look of Love

 Bilbo's Beautiful Senior Eyes

Thanks to Ruckus for Hosting:

Farmer's Market Flower Friday!

Happy Flower Friday!!

This week we are headed to the Farmer's Market!

I am ready to go Mama!!
 What??? They don't let doggies go to the Farmer's Market??

*sniff, sniff* 
Guess I'll just have to stay home and play with Daddy...
Mama says I can narrate though....

Our Farmer's Market has flowers of all kinds...this vendor sells vases of wildflowers, sunflowers and dahlias!

This flower stand just has B-I-G dahlias!!

This vegetable stand sells sunflowers!

These farmers just grow fields of flowers....and maybe potatoes...BOL

You can even buy flowers for your garden at the Farmer's Market!

Here is the stand where Mama buys her flowers for the house...she can buy a bouquet and they last ALL WEEK.....they have all kinds of fun flowers!

Here is this week's bouquet!

Except for the whole no dogs allowed thing, the Farmer's Market is pretty cool!!