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Travel Tuesday -14 States in 10 Days

Dory here, to wish you another Happy Travel Tuesday!!
On Travel Tuesday we (or sometimes our Mini Me's) 
tell you all about our travels!!

 Today I'll be telling you about Day 5 of our 14 States in 10 Days trip! If you haven't read about the first four days you can read about them HERE or click on the tab towards the top of our blog named Travel Tuesdays

Mama and I are doing the day to day posts about this trip so you can see fun things about traveling with your human! PLUS, it will show how we pets can make what, in Mama's case, what might have been a boring and rather sad trip into a special experience we will both treasure always! 

By documenting it here, we can go back anytime and re-read all the special things we did together!!
We want to thank our readers for being patient with us as we take 87 million (or maybe 10) weeks of our Tuesdays with different days the same trip.

Now....on to Day 5!!

The sun better be up, Mama!!!!

We woke up in Omaha and I was amazed to see the sun was already up!!  
Mama said something about how the hotel not being very busy, so there was not much need for my barking constantly security services!

Let's go Mama!!
I was bright eyed, bushytailed and ready to 
hit the road!!

The first of the 87 billion farm pictures

On day 5 we began the "Great Farms of the USA" tour! For some reason, Mama just loves to take pictures of these farmhouses!

Catching wind not passing wind
We also saw bunches of these things while we were driving through Iowa!! Mama says they catch wind and make energy out of it.....

Close up of a wind catcher
 They were pretty cool and as long as they weren't passing stinky wind like Arty does, they were ok with me!'

Are we there yet???
 We kept driving and driving through until...
OMD Mama, there it is!!!!!

 We passed RIGHT BY the infamous town of Hampton, Iowa. This is where my Daddy and a couple of his brothers were born!!
How very cool is that!! I told Mama to text the picture to Daddy (as soon as we stopped at our next rest stop)!!

87th farm Mama took a picture of...
We passed about 87 more farms and made sure we waved at everyone all through Iowa, just in case we passed Stella, Gussie and MaggieMae!

Before I knew it we arrived in Stephens Point, Wisconsin!!!

Mama...if you don't walk off all that fast food you are going to get a tummy ache!!
 After we checked into our hotel room and ate dinner, I let Mama know a hike was in order. She tried to tell me it was too windy, but I wasn't going to let a little wind stop us!!

Why yes....that IS another farm, bet you weren't surprised either!
 We found a pretty park and walked around looking for squirrels
at all the wonderful views!!

"Mama, just let me chase a couple of those squirrels!!"

 I even let Mama take a couple of pictures of me with the lovely view.  I might have been a bit pre-occupied, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right??

Nighty night!
 What a farm-fun-filled day we had!!!
I was all tuckered out after our walkie....I fell asleep before my little head hit the pillow!!

Day 5-Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin (and an itty bitty bit of Minnesota)
We hope you enjoyed Day 5 of our journey!!
Join us next week when, after we load up the stuff we drove out here for, we start heading Northwest 
on Day 6 of 14 States in 10 Days!!


Lucky Guy and Remember.....

On Friday, Mama called me into our "Photo Studio" (aka the big bed) to do my very own photo shoot.....Imagine my surprise when I saw a box that my Sasha sent to ME for my birthday!!!

Just look at the beautiful stuffy cake Sasha sent me!! I was amazed when Mama squished it and it sang to me!!! It was so very special and almost brought happy tears to my eyes! 
My Sasha is so very thoughtful...

Then I looked over and saw the most beautiful bowl...look at all the hearts on it! I just know that is Sasha sending me all her loveys!! 

OH....and guess what is in that bowl??
That's right....Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies...MY FAVORITE!!!!

Words just can't express how thankful I am my darling are such a thoughtful and loving girl!!!

All I can say is....

Yep....I have the bestest girlfriend EVER!!!


Today we are also honoring....

The brave dogs, men and women...

...who have given their lives...

...for our country!!!


Royal Black a White Selfie Sunday

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Welcome Dance - Photo Booth!!

Most of you know this month Sarge is hosting Recruit a Pal to Blogville Month!!

To celebrate our new Blogville residents, Sarge is hosting a Welcome Dance on June 2nd!!!
If you haven' t gotten your picture to Sarge for the dance get it to him by May25th
you can read more about it HERE

We are hosting a Photo Booth at the Welcome Dance!! 
Just step into our photo booth alone, or with your BFF.....
(by sending Mama a picture OR if you have sent a picture prior that you want us to use, just give us permission and we will use it)
...and then
 out comes your Photo Booth Picture....
Jakey and Arty will demonstrate....

 Here they are getting ready to get into the Photo Booth...

Uh Oh....wonder what they are up to in there!!

 OMD...It's Iron Jakey and Lt. Arty!!!

Mama will post your photo booth pictures here on our bloggie during the dance on June 2nd!!
Email your pictures to bethblog(AT)ebchristians(DOT)com or let us know if you want us to use a picture we have on file by May 30th!!


Flower Friday - A Walk on the Wildflower Side

Happy Flower Friday!!

It is prime Spring wildflower season here in Northern California and I thought we would take a walk on the wildflower side today!!

Just look at all the wildflowers!!!

These flowers almost look like cauliflower to me....
They grow on bushes around the marsh that Mama and I walk around!

This little blue flower is probably a weed, but it was so very pretty we just had to stop and take a picture of it!


We found these pretty blooms on a tree!

Yellow seems to be the unofficial Spring color.

But the purple wild sweet peas are are starting to bloom,

...aren't they just beautiful??!!

The daisies are out in force!!!

Look at the bright yellow, I had to squint my eyes to see them!

We hope you all get a chance to take a walk in the wildflowers this weekend!!


#FueltheCure - Loving Life on the Beach

Arty here, today we are taking part in Zuke's Loving Life Fundraiser being hosted by Oz and Sugar. What a great and easy way to raise money for the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund!!

You can read all about it HERE on Oz's Blog or  HERE on Sugar's Blog. The bottom line is that Zuke's will donate $5 for each blog post entered  (1 post per blog) by tomorrow, May 22nd! Just link up to Sugar and Oz's Blog Hop and include #FueltheCure to the title of your blog!
Then  show everybody how much you are "Loving Life"!
Easy Peasy, right??

One of the biggest loves of mine and Mama's life are the hikes we take at my beach! Nothing is better than the feel of fresh salt air in our furs!!

Mama and I find lots of sandy dollars!!
I wonder how many of these I would need to buy a house on the beach??

We see all kinds of birdies too! This little Godwit seems to be looking for some lunch!!

Here I am contemplating life....

...and thinking about chasing these little plover birdies...
 but then....

This happened...
Dory is right, you have no sense of  "ussie" timing!!

By the time I got to the birdies..all that was left were these

But the best thing about walks on my beach is the special alone time I spend with Mama!! 
Whether it is exploring or just sitting and listening to the waves, this time gives Mama and me time to enjoy life with just each other!

What things do you love about your life???

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