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Tasty Chewys Tuesday!

Look what came in the mail while Mama and Dory were on the road!!!  Of course, Daddy said we had to wait for Dory to come home before we opened it, but we think what he meant was we had to wait until MAMA got home ('cause she has the camera)!

We just love!! They have everything a furry needs! We get our food, treats, toys and even our dishes from Chewy and it gets here lickety split, especially with their new warehouse in the west!!

Look what we get to review this month....
Nutro Ultra All Natural Oatmeal and Pumpkin Biscuits (Healthy Digestion Blend).

I (Arty) am looking forward to these because they don't have corn, wheat or soy...which means I can eat them without worrying about itchies!

Mama likes them because they have TONS of natural ingredients and NO artificial colors or fillers 
PLUS...they are made right here in the USA!!!

Here is what I am REALLY looking forward to...taste time!
"crunch, crunch, crunch"


Dory is next..... very nommy!!!!

They break up easily for Bilbo!!

Jakey gives them 4 paws up too!!

We give these 16 paws and two hands up which means
we will definitely be ordering them again!!

 Dory's Backyard  received these delicious treats from in exchange for our honest review, we were not compensated. 
All opinions are our own and not those of Chewy. com or Nutro.

We are joining The Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop Today!!
Thanks Sugar and  Kol's Notes for Hosting!


Squirrel Mischief

Mama and I (Dory) are getting our Road Trip pictures together and starting a week from tomorrow we will be hosting Travel Tuesdays to tell you all about it!

...But today, I am skipping ahead to tell you about the squirrel mischief I encountered on the final day of our journey!
It all started when Mama and I stopped for our last rest stop to enjoy a will never guess what I saw.....

Just look at that lazy squirrel....

I told hopes she would let me off of my stringbut no luck!

What a brazen little squirrel...he has no idea who he is taunting!!


Maybe that birdy will help me find them!

....meanwhile,  the squirrels FINALLY realize who I am!

The birdy found them and STILL 
Mama refuses to let me at them!

I'll be back evil squirrels...
I'll be back!!!


BWSS-Bilbo's Close Up

Am I holding the camera close enough??

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


2015 Mayorz Marathon!!

Bilbo here, at mile marker 8 to see how our racers are doing. They should all be fresh after Miss Madi's wonderful water stop!! Click HERE if you haven't had a chance to visit the watering hole yet!
Mile 8 begins near the beautiful Redwood National Park!

Looks like Socks is taking the lead....or maybe the rest of the pups are a bit frightened by the look in his face...he has the "Eye of the Tiger" for sure!!!

Looks like Wyatt has his own special Angel Cheerleader, Stanzie, cheering him on!!

...and here comes the rest of the crowd!!!

 We continue the race along the trails of Fern may recognize it from the famous movie, 
Jurrasic Park 3! Let's see what the runners are up to!

Hmmmmm....look like there is an unexpected racer on the course!!

He is definitely kick-starting some of the racers!! BOL!

We enter mile 12 along the California coastline! 

Looks like we have another marathon guest...Bruce, former child star of the movie Jaws (and sequels) has joined the race!!

Looks like Socks is just as scary as Bruce!!

...and it looks as if Bruce is more frightened of us, than we are of him!!!!

What a fun race this is!!  
Now, head on over and see what's up at the Blogville Police Pawty Shack, and then visit Scribbles and Pigeon for the Mile Markers 13-15! Just click on their names below to be transported over!


Heading Home Friday!!

I have seen lots of new places.....

...and stayed at lots of hotel rooms....

I REALLY miss my Daddy (and even my brothers) and can't wait to get home and get a good nights sleep in my own bed so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for the Mayorz Marathon!!!

Mama PROMISES that we will get all caught up this weekend!! Who knew that driving all day could make a Mama so very tired, we are so sorry we have fallen s far behind!


Throwback Thursday...Arty's First Trip to his Ocean

 From 2013:
 One of Arty's first trips to his ocean....

I just LOVE going bye bye!!

The beach has LOTS of fun warm sand to lay in!!

Mama puts me on my long string so I can pretend I am
a lone puppy prince exploring my kingdom

and listen....can you hear it???


My kingdom has big, loud, exciting waves!!

Here is the reason that Me and Jakey and Bilbo are thankful when Mama takes Arty....

After all that ruling he is WAY too tired for bitey facing us!!!

Nitey Nite Arty!!

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