Mostly Silent Travel Tuesday

 Mama here today! As you probably have guessed by now(or if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram), we have added a new pup to the pack!  We promise to get you all the details over the next few days! In the meantime here are a few snaps of our trip down to pick up our sweet girl!

 Rosy promises to tell you all about her travel adventures next Tuesday!


Blogville Barn Dance

 We hope everyone had a great time at the picnic today! Mabel and I have decorated the Blogville Barn and hope everyone is ready to dance the night away!!

We start the night off with a slow dance
(The word bubbles came out a bit blurry so you can see the closed captioning below the picture)
 Arty-Don't look now, but there is a kitty in the rafters, Mabel!!
Mabel - I think there is a puppy up there too Arty!
Bonnie - Mr. Jack Freckles is totally adorable!
da Phenny - Just one little kiss, Hailey??
Hailey - Let's just dance for now, Phenny!

 After the slow dance, we livened things up a bit with some KC and the Sunshine Band's,
Shake Your Booty!
 MaggieMae - OMD, Phod sure can shake it!
Princess Leah - My guy Chester has some great moves!
Stellarose(looking at Christmas) think - WOW, what a nice tushy!
Oreo - Let's show them our moves, Hazel!
Christmas - Would you like to dance, Stellarose?
Stanley - Let's hit the dance floor Jessie!
Brian - Shall we show them our smooth feline moves, Scylla?

Now on to some good ole Country Music!
Murphy - YeeHaw!!
Ruby - Slurp! Boy those Abby snacks were nommy!
Addi - I bet those rafters would be fun to climb, Bertie!
Bertie - I'll race you to the top!!
Pierre -  I just love the Two-Step, don't you Bailie?
Wyatt -Let's see who can jump higher, Jakey!
Casey - Has anyone seen Jessie and Stanley??
Gussie- I am one wild and crazy pawty animal!

Next, a nice little Gaelic tune!
Timber - Blogville Dances are pawsome!! 
Misty - Wait until you taste Abby's foodables, Timber
Wyatt - You dance divinely, YAM-Aunty!
Fenris - I sure could go for a Rubyrita, dancing makes a pup thirsty!
Yin - Look at Tuiren dance!
Raz - Are you ready Madi? The DJ says we're next!

 ...and for the grand finale Madi has prepared a SUPER TWERK!! It's true, you are only as old as you feel!
 Raz - My Gal Madi might be 15, but she has kitten-like moves!

 Looks like another fun Blogville Event!!!

Mabel and I want to thank everyone for joining us, we hope you had half the fun we did!!

 Make sure to check out all of todays events!

Blogville Picnic Candids!

Howdy everybody and welcome to the Blogville Picnic!!
 We wanted to start the day off with some candids of our attendees out enjoying the beautiful day!!!

Mabel and Arty are enjoying a romantic moment before they head back to the barn to get things ready for the dance!

Bertie and his gal Addi are doing some extreme Barn Climbing...those two always amaze us with their athletic abilities, don't they??

Mr. Jack Freckles is enjoying a bit of duck chasing after his picnic lunch!

Look at this dapper couple!! Princess Leah and her beau Chester are looking very elegant this afternoon!

Here are Jakey, Casey and Phoddy hoping they find some gals to dance the night away with!!

Maggie Mae and Stellarose lured Princess Leah away from Chester with the promise of mischief(and maybe a puppachino or two)! Don't worry Chester, we know Princess Leah will be dancing the night away with you!!

Madi and Raz are enjoying an outside stroll around the grounds...Madi promises she is going to show everyone you are only as young as you feel at the dance tonight!!

Abby and Frankie took a moment to pose for the Mamaparrazzi. Don't they have the best smileys!!

Looks like Murphy has a plan for some afternoon fun with his fiance Ruby! So many wilsons, so little time eh Murph?

Looks like da Phenny really is growing up! Do you think Hailey will finally notice him for the hunk of Weim he is...or still see him as her student?!!

Lucy and Linus, grabbing some easy before the dance

Chimera, Yin and Yang are spending some time exploring before unpacking their basket

Now here is a trio of adorable golden beauty!

Piper and Shelby sure do know how to show how they feel!
Check out those pawsome shades!

Timber is making his Pawty Debut here today with his Sibe Sibs Lightning and Misty!

That Gussie sure does know how to pawty!!
Nothing says picnic like Chicken and Beer!

Oh My...Looks like things might be getting serious for Stanley and Jessie!
Don't worry Casey, we are pretty sure that is grape juice in those wine glasses!!

Hazel and Oreo are enjoying the sunny afternoon. Don't they look adorable in their matching outfits?!

Pocket and River found a beautiful Autumn spot to have their delicious basket!

You can't blame Walter for smiling when he is with his beautiful gal, Tuiren!

Brian knows how to treat a gal right! He brought a fishy basket to the picnic to share with Scylla

Christmas is ready to dig in to the picnic basket while YAM-Aunty and Wyatt practice their two-step!

Speaking of Two-Step, let's join Bentley, Emma, Pierre and Bailie and head to the dance!


#Chewyinfluencer Fun with Fruitables Whole Jerky

 It's time for some #Chewyinfluencer FUN!!
Let me tell you, Mama is very impressed with the new and exciting way we now order our #chewyinfluencer products! Mama can order our #chewyinfluencer products at the same time she is buying our treats, toys and other snacks. Just one little click and one little code and....

Our review product is here, with all our other goodies, usually within just TWO days!
Easy Peasy!
This month we chose two different products, one that Arty will review next week and this delicious bag of nomminess, also known as Fruitables Whole Jerky natural dog treats!
Mama chose the Grilled Bison for us to try!

I thought she had gotten the BACON jerky like Murphy and Stanley are trying, so at first I might have been a bit disappointed BUT I think the Bison Jerkey might be even BETTER!!!

Looks like they pass all the Mama requirements...
  • 100% Bison...the only other ingredient is natural bison flavor!!
  • It is a Limited Ingredient Treat so it makes it great for Arty and his allergeez!
  • It's made in our great country, the USA!!

It LOOKS  and SMELLS like the jerky Daddy eats!!

Lets go Mama, time for TASTE TESTING!!
(We know they will taste better than how Mama's NY Giants are playing this year!)

Here we are being VERY patient while Mama tells us to WAIT with the delicious nomminess right in front of our noses!

The look like jerky, but they break apart real easy and aren't as crunchy like you might think....

OMD...I was hesitant at first, but once I took the first bite I was hooked!! 

We give these a solid 8 paws up and hoe Mama will get these for us soon!!
As #chewyinfluencers, we were given a bag of Fruitables Whole Jerkey in exchange for ours(and Mama's) true blue opinion!

Don't forget to pack up your Picnic Basket and join us tomorrow for the Blogville Picnic and Barn Dance!! 
Look for the Blog Hop tomorrow and check out all the events!!

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! 
Thanks to Koru Bear and Oz for hosting!