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Monday Musings

Happy Monday Efurryone!!! We hope your weekend was fun and filled with tons of walkies, scritchies and treats!! We had a blast!! It began on Friday when, along with our treat order from, came a special surprise....

Hmmmmm, it must be something we have to share with Mama 'cause it has her name AND our names on it!!

What a fun card!! 
It thanked us for being part of their Chewy Blogger Family!!

...and just look at these pressies!!! Real paintings (painted by Lauren Hammack) aren't they just 
pawesome!! Mama is in awe on how well the artist did with each and effury one of us!!!
(Thanks to Hailey and Zaphod, along with their Lady,  for the Plaque in the middle of the paintings!)

On Saturday we visited all the wonderful "Letters to Our Paw Pals"....what a great job our Mamas and Daddies did honoring us!!
 Mama had a hard time stopping the happy waterworks while she was reading them to us.....

We also made sure our staff had started and/or finished our pictures for the Heart to Heart Valentine's Day Dance.

Don't forget to RSVP (send your pictures) to Stanley and Murphy by February 6th!!!

We also helped Arty get things ready for the Youth Room at the dance....make sure to 
get your pictures to Arty by February 10th
(all young or young at heart animals are welcome)

Nooooowwwwwwww we have to go 'cause Mama just asked.....

Duuuuuuhhhhhh Mama!!!!
(Bilbo wanted to finish his nap first!)



Dear Pack....

Today I (Mama Beth),  along with various staff all over Blogville,  are taking control of the keyboard to write letters our "furkids." 
 I have four "kids" and each and everyone hold a very special place in my heart.  Feel free grab a cup of coffee (or maybe a puppachino) and relax while I tell Bilbo, Arty, Jakey and Dory how they have touched my heart.

Dear Bilbo,

   Thank you for being our first "furkid" and letting us be your furr-ever home. The past, almost 13 years, have been an adventure for all of us. Even with your challenges,  we can't imagine not having you in our lives. Without you, we would be a pack that oversleeps, forgets to give cookies, not know when we should be sitting on the couch and would probably never know when bedtime is! Thank you so much for keeping us scheduled....most of all, thank you for teaching your Daddy and I that dogs, like humans, need routine in their lives.  I wouldn't change anything about your stern and eccentric personality......but dude, doggy door....potty....outside....pretty please??? You will always be our first puppy love, regardless of where you go potty!

Dear Arty,

   Thanks go to whomever found you roaming down the road at less than 12 weeks old, and kept you safe. Although we had fostered many small dogs before you, something about you just called to your Daddy and I. Although some call it foster failure, I call it "pack success"  when we made you a permanent part of our family. You brought a shot of youth and energy into our pack, just when we needed it.  Although you and I have had our differences, I thank you for showing me that along with lots of love, some pups need a structured and disciplined regiment. Together, you and I are learning that training makes us both happier and oh boy howdy, the fun we are having while we are doing it!!
I wouldn't change a thing about you dude....except for when about a little smile now and then ;-).  Love you lots little guy!

Dear Jakey,

   Thank you Jakey...for being you.  A loving, go with the flow, snuggly boy dog. We are so glad that we went to Petco 5 years ago and after 5 minutes alone with you, just knew that you were the pup for us. Thanks for being Dory's shadow and Arty's BFF (and occasional chew toy)! We know little about what you went through before you became our snuggle bug, but we hope you finally feel safe and know that when we leave the house....we always come back.  We will do our best to keep you safe from loud noises and hold you tight when there are storms outside. You are the perfect companion, even when you are tearing apart stuffies.... :-).  Know that you are so very loved.

Dear Dory,

Thank you for teaching me what it is like to have a "heart dog." Some puppy that just seems to know what I need, or want, without asking. You are my muse, and your smile just melts my heart.  The way you have grown from a puppy who loved to chase squirrels in her backyard, no matter what the weather, into a super model (who may or may not demand too many treats) amazes me. You were so patient and loving (most of the time) with all your foster siblings and shared them with Daddy and me. Thank you for keeping the boyz in line (when possible) and giving your Daddy "sneaky kisses" on the cheek when he comes home from a long day at work.  All of this is just saying basically .....thank you for being you. We love you so very much.


Having Fun on Fit Friday

We had some blue skies this week!! When the sun comes out, I get to my beach!!!!!

Mama and I walk and walk......

 ...and walk some more!!!

Hey Mama.....maybe we should crank it up a bit....

....what to you say weeeeeee......

move it a bit faster and RUN along the beach??

Ummmm...Mama?? Mama??
uh oh...Maybe we should stick to the walking!

We hope effuryone has a fun and Fit Friday!!

This is our very first post taking part in the
FitDog Friday Blog Hop thanks go to  SlimDoggy and their co-hosts To Dog with Love and My GBGV Life for hosting!


Arty's Fun and Games

Click this badge for more info
As effuryone knows the Mayorz are hosting the Blogville Heart 2 Heart Valentine's Day Dance!! The Mayorz put me in charge of the Youth Room!! I was honored and agreed at once, what fun!!!

That's right, while the Older crowd dance the night away, the youth (and young at heart ) will be pawtying down with ME (Arty)!!! Now, you may ask yourself, how young is "youth"??? 

Well, as Bill Murray said in Meatballs, "It just doesn't matter, It just doesn't matter"!!!
(ummmmm...sorry, Mama snuck in and wrote that....she is ancient...I am not even sure who this Murray guy is!) 

Anyway....we know that pups under 2 years old will have a blast. I am 2 1/2 and Mama still says I am a puppy!!  
We will leave it up to you and your staff! There will be tons of fun things to do for both the young and the young at heart!

I have my Valentine's Day Tree all decorated!!

Feel free to join us, you don't even have to get gussied up!! 
You can wear jammies or just come in the furs.

Get your picture to Mama by February 10th by emailing them to:
bethblog (at) ebchristians (dot) com

I'll see you there!!


Wordless Wednesday while Journal Wrecking

 Sunset Artyflections

We let Mama post her first Journal Wreck It Wednesday!
See Miss Lynne over at Sketching with Dogs by 
clicking HERE to learn more!

We are taking place in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop this week!


Tongue Out Tuesday - Seriously Mama??

I am having problems with my Mama lately....
We do a photo shoot, I smile pretty and.....

Then I wait for my cookie...
WHAT??? Just that little piece of cookie?? 
...and you want to do what Mama??

Change Hats??
...wait, another LITTLE piece of cookie???

What about after wearing this silly
pirate hat??

Loooooook into my eyes Mama and give me 
a WHOLE cookie!!!

SHEESH....just another LITTLE PIECE???

There is no way I have had three whole cookies...all I have been getting
are little pieces!!

Sheesh.....Mama can be real stingy sometimes!!

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