More Smileys!!!! Edited

Here are our Italian Goldie Friends Paco, Milo and Maya!!! OMD...talk about some awesome smileys!!! Lucky we don't count human smileys or their Mama would win fur sure!!!! Go visit these cuties to read all about their Goldie Adventures!!!

I'M SMILING BECAUSE.................
I was happy for living in a new wonderful family!!!

AND BECAUSE..........
I can dig a lot with my bros!!!!
THAT'S LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love a lot each others.....

And we're very very very lucky to have someone soooooooooooo special........in our life!!!!

I'm scratching my back on the mud!!!!!!!!
Awwwwwwwwww....so relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are Gus and Waldo smiling at each others expense. Go visit these two over at Reflections of a Dog Mom.

Gus is smiling because he knows how much smarter he is than his dopey big brother:

Waldo is smiling because he knows that even though his brother is smarter, he can reach the countertops to grab food:


Here is Dixie (she is a furry special service dog for her Mama Ashley) and Lola with their happy smileys!! Go visit Dixie and her Mama to read more about what Dixie does!!

I a smiling because I am enjoying time outside in the sun with Mom! I love being a service dog but I love just hanging out with Mom even more. Mom and I both love being in the sun when it is warm.

Mom says I have to let Lola play too so here is her and her story:

Hellooooo Dory! This iz my sooper happy pittie bull smile. I am doing one of my most favoritest thingz which is choowing on a bully stick and that makes me vury vury happies!


Here is our friend Bichon Fred with big smileys! Here is where you can visit Funny Fred.

So...Old Girl wanted a new picture of Fred smiling, so she took this one. I is smiling here because I is about to eat my supper. Please excuse Old Girl's knee and Mr. Jason's foot.

However, I has overruled her and wants to use this old picture. For one thing, I is smiling bigger and nicer in this picture. For another, there is no knee and no foot distracting from my booty.

This picture was taken in the bathtub. And I hate getting a bath. So I really don't know why I'm smiling.


Here is our good friend Cloud. Go visit Cloud on Mondays...he is DWB answer to Dr. Phil!! Not to mention Cloud's mama paints some PAWESOME pictures of him!!

Dis is my entry. I am smiling cuz I luv my mom, and also cuz she let me have a little bit of yogurt and I liked it!


Here are Teddy and Seamus (Paddie does not feel like smiling) of 3 Poodles and a Nana fame! Mama grew up with poodles so these pictures bring big smileys to her face!

Paddie says she wants no part in sitting with the boys to get her pic taken:

Seamus, I said "Smile" not "Say AHHHHHHH" !!!!!!
GET BACK HERE YOU CRAZY BAD BOYS!!! Come back to have your picture taken!!!
So here is how it goes, one smiles, the other doesn't and vice versa. Then I realize that I should move them to a more poetic setting, filled with tranquil fall flowers and soft green grass waving in the breeze..........except the rabbits have eaten the flowers, the boys have all but killed off the grass (including my newly sown grass) and I give up.....
Only for you Dory baby................

and now for the most beautiful Khyra sharing her joyousness with us! Go visit Khyra and see all the wonderful things she and her Mama do!!

A toothy one

A sunny one

A khoy one



Here are our Basset friends Martha and Bailey from Scotland. Go see them to see their beautiful countryside and gardens!!!

Martha's smile - now you know we bassets are not known for having happy smiling faces but we can smile!

This is a picture taken when I was out for a walk - I am always very happy when I am outside! I love to sniff - life is coming up daisies!

Bailey's smile - I am smiling cos life is good! I like to roll in the grass and am happy to be me! A little basset hound living in my new home in Scotland!


Here is Kylie, she is a very good smiler!! Go over and Miss Smiley Kylie!!

It is all about Smiley’s!! I am a really good smiler. Mommy and Daddy and my furiends always comment on my smiles… But what one to choose!?? Can you help me pick??
Say Cheese!
These are baby pictures of me with a little smile (up) and a big smile (down).
Kylie (foster)
This is me smiling taking a break at my very first swimming lessons!!!
This is me smiling cause I love snow!!
This is me smiling cause Mom said “Say Cheese!”
This is me smiling cause I was trying to eat the Pumpkin when Mom would take the picture… see the toofer holes in it!? BOL
This is my upside down sleepy smile….
This is my “Daddy, are you as wet as me after that walk??” smile !!!!
This is my “Is my bath over yet?” Smile….
an upclose smile…
This is a Sexy smile…
and last and I think my pawsonal favorite…
Here is Audrey the Photographer Dog. I am meeting soooo many pawsome new friends during this contest!! Go see Audrey...she takes furry kewl pictures!!! PLUS she is at a beachouse in NEW JERSEY...Mama spent most of her time before me in this NEW JERSEY place!

These shots (one of which you may have seen once before) were from when I was on vacation in August at Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore. It was the first time I was ever aloud to go on vacation with the family because they rented a dog friendly house. I got to sunbathe on the porch and put my face through a hole making me look like a real human! So weird, but so much fun! It was a week long smiley-fest...

There you have it...Smileys Galore!!! Mama will be whittling it down to one smiley per furiend, with a link to the wrap up page that you are on so people can read your story. That picture will go on a slide show on her sidebar...and right below that will be a votey thing.

Edited to add: Mamas...can't rely on them or the thumbs...here a the "forgotten" entries....If you don't see your entry..please let Mama know in the comments or by peemailing me.
Here is our good friend Bobo over at 2 Country Poodles, Mama doesn't know HOW she forgot Bobo!!

I am smiling cause I love being outside!


Here is our new friend Abby, not to be confused with our other furiend Abby. Go over and meet Abby and her family!!

I like car rides. Mostly because the car takes me to the park and sometimes to the spa. I also liked going to dog training classes at PetSmart but those are done with now--I graduated! Saturday, I went to a doggie Halloween party! This is one of my biggest smiles so I chose this for Dory's Backyard Smiley-Fest contest. Hope I win!

Here are Fudgie and Frappie from Piappies World...If you haven't met this fun family pack they are a must see, so head over to say hi!!!

This is me, Fudgie and I was happy in the photo because Mommy gave me a bath and made me sit on my favorite chair once again. I really felt special and loved that day and everyday.
Hey dad! Is it me now?! Oh yeah, I'm Frappie. I was happy because I spotted Mr. Lobster resting beside me and my siblings Mocha and Sugar are nowhere in sight. I got Mr. Lobster all to myself! Weeeeee
Smileys is really a great theme. Mommy never fails to give us hugs and kisses (and of course treats!) whenever we flash our smiles. Weeeeeeeee


Mama almost forgot these too!!!! No more treats for HER today!!!
Say hello to the 'splorin Wolfies!
Guinness again.
And here is my entry. I am smiling because I had just got my leg brace off after breaking my leggy--see how skinny I was? So I sure had alot to smile about.

And here is Groucho's entry. He is smiling because he landed a one way ticket out of the shelter to his forever home by acting like the biggest drama queen on Earth.

And everyone loved this picture of Saige so much that she thought she would submit this one. She is smiling because she is a professional model and knows how to ham it up for the camera.

Look for a full list of smileys and votey thing later this evening!


Mango said...

This is impossible!


BRUTUS said...

That must be the biggest smiley collection of all time that you have going! Good move with the votey thing - (where'd you get it??), the the bloggers choose!

Brutus the Frenchie

Tank said...

Hi Dory, I hope everyone enjoys these pictures because a strike is looming... Martha & Bailey have started a crusade and I think it's going to be BIG!

Martha and Bailey said...

There are too many smiley faces there to pick a winner!!
Tank is right though - we have decided to put an end to all these smiley pics!!!
That must have been a lot of work for you and your mom - well done for running the competition.
Martha & bailey xxx

Ginger Jasper said...

That is such a lot of fabulous smiley picture.. There are lots of my special woofie friends there.. You are doing a sterling job.. Brilliant competition.. Hugs GJ xx

Benny and Lily said...

Very cute smileys. We still think that goat is REALLY smilin.
Go figure!
Benny & Lily

Sierra Rose said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Another wonderful set of smilies! Yeeee! Blessings.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Bijou said...

Those are all fantabulous smiley pictures! I don't think there can be just one winner. I think we are all winners.


JackDaddy said...

Wow, that is a lot of smiling puppies. Someone must be getting a lot of treats! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Dory your MOM is so talented and what a great idea on the smiley contest!!! Oh we are amazed at all the beautiful smiles the pooches have...they will all make their orthrodontists happy. Madi and I are glad we don't have to judge this contest!!! They are all winners in our book
Madi and Mom

The OP Pack said...

Isn't it just wonderful to have so many happy pups in the world? We love Paco, Milo, and Maya's blog - they are one big happy family, always smiling. All the other entrants are fantastic. We keep forgetting to get our smileys sent in too, but it sure looks like you have lots already.

Good luck to all.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Woo have soooooo khollekhted the bestest and biggest smiles in the whole entire universe!

Now THAT is soooo worth a SMILE!

Once again, tank woo fur the grrrrrrreat idea!


Emma Rose said...

What a wonderful collection of beautiful smiles! Heartwarming for sure! Good luck to everyone - they are all winners!

Emma Rose

Oakley and Swisher said...

More great smiles!

Lots of Licks--
Oak and Swish

Tanuki Maxx said...

hello dory! great collections of smiles! thanks for sharing them with us! have a great day!


Piappies World said...

Hi there Dory,

This is really a superb idea! Just seeing all the smileys already brightens up our day!

Mommy put up the photo entries previously but you probably missed it due to the many great entries you got.

Do check it out if you please.

Thanks so much!

Fudgie, Frappie & the Piappies

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Dory....these are great entries in your contest!!!!
We think all must be the winners!!!!!!!!!
you had a great idea....smiling contest is wonderful!!!
Watching all these smiley faces made our day!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!

chicamom85 said...

OMD I love seeing all the smiley faces. I will be a little sad when the contest is over.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

hi Dory--you missed our entry--hope we didn't do anything wrong?

thanks Saige and guinness

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Wow!! It's quite a job to post all of those pictures!! Kudos to your Mom for all of the hard work.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Anne-Kathrine said...

More awesome pics, going to be stiff competition out there. Vote for Patachou :)

Honeygo Beasley said...

Some great smiles here - sorry we did not enter your contest. Everyone looks like a winner to us!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

What a fantastic bunch of pictures, we wouldn't like to decide on a winner - they are all so great!
Wags and kisses, Dinah and Bridget xx

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Seeing smiley, happy doggies is one of our favorite things!