Saturday Stroll - SoCo in Austin

This Saturday Mama and I would like to take you to the artsy fartsy street in Austin called South Congress or SoCo as we hipster puppies call it.

Austin - SoCongress
I like this street a bunch cause almost everyplace is DOG FRIENDLY!!

Austin - SoCongress

Isn't this the coolest thing EVER??! Mama says that this is one of the great things about living in Austin....LOTS of restaurants and stores let you bring your canine BFF's!!

Austin - SoCongress

Of course Mama said she "FORGOT" her wallet.....so we couldn't stop and sample any of the nummy breakfast Tacos....I know Jazzi...how NOT fair was THAT??

Austin - SoCongress
There are other things besides foodie places on SoCo.....like pretty puppies with Smileys!

Austin - SoCongress
Also the silly humans in Austin have a THING about TRAILERS...My Grandma and Grandpa in Wisconsin have a trailer but they sleep and camp it. Mama says this trailer makes pancakes CREEPS!!

Austin - SoCongress
Now this is a GREAT use of a trailer, you can go in and find your very own furry BFF!!!
(you can click HERE to find out more about Austin Pets Alive)

SoCo also has a great collection of Street Art!
(also known as legal graffiti..BOL)

Austin - SoCongress 
Whoah.....that's a weird looking doggie!!

Austin - SoCongress
Oh my... do they call this one "Earthquake in Austin"??

Austin - SoCongress
Mama likes this one the bestest....

Austin - SoCongress
Another thing that "Keeps Austin Weird" is the preoccupation with

Austin - SoCongress
Mama says that THOUSANDS of bats live under this bridge (I believe it cause MAN it was stinky!!) and they all fly out when the sun sets!!!

Austin - SoCongress
Here I am with the bridge and big downtown buildings behind me!

But here is one of the bestest things about SoCo

Austin - SoCongress

Mama promised that she would bring me back sometime this summer so I could try one!!

We hope efurrybody has a pawsome weekend!!!

PeeEss....Mama FORGOT to put a Frankie Day post up yesterday. The icky sinus monster has been in her head. But she did want to let Frankie and Ernie and their Mama know how much they are loved and appreciated!!!



Oskar said...

Wow, Austin looks like one cool, crazy place!

Nubbin wiggles,

chicamom85 said...

Bilbo, Dory and Jakey, I am soooooooooo coming to visit you. Austin is the coolest place ever. I want some of the doggy ice and I want to go out to eat and not have to hear "NO DOGS ALLOWED". I love the street art, not crazy about bats though, but we can work on that. I will call with my travel plans soon.

Loveys Sasha

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Dory
SoCo. We love it too! My peeps have never been to Your lovely city but they hope to someday....and I guarantee mom will have her wallet and treat youtoabreakfast burrito! MOL
Hugs your

Ruby said...

OMD! Austin looks really, really cool!! Lots of things for doggies to do, you must just love it! Ma doesn't like bats, though...flying rats, she calls them. She says one almost got caught in her hair when she was younger - freaked her out! Anyway, so much to see in Austin, it sure looks like a fab place to live!


SquirrelQueen said...

Although we are a bit concerned about Austin's preoccupation with bats it looks like a really great city. We have never seen so many dog friendly spots anywhere. (we wonder how they feel about kitties, MOL)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I always thought Austin sounded neat!!! Now, I KNOW it is!!!