Seeing Beautiful Edition of Flower Friday

Welcome to another Flower Friday!! 

Today is also See Beautiful Blog Hop. 
Mama and I always See Beauty when we look at flowers!!

Today we are going to show you some wildflowers in the mountains close to where we live!

We were amazed at all the color we saw, look at this pretty field of purple and white!!

Here they are close up, Mama thinks the are Everlasting Pea's.

Mama is not sure what this one is, but it sure is pretty!

If it was spring in Texas, we would say this was a Bluebonnet....but since is summer in California, we will say it is a Lupine.

Let's keep going!!

Here is some sunny yellow Toadflax

Another one Mama isn't sure of, maybe some type of mountain clover????

Mama says this may be some kind of Arnica??? 
I say it is a pretty yellow flower!!

Mama always says I am her prettiest flower!!

We hope everyone got to See Beautiful in something today!! Thanks to Sugar for hosting!

Due to Mama being unplugged from computers and not being able to comment on your bloggies, we are turning off our comments until we plug back in on June 22. We hope you will still stop by, cause we made Mama help us do blog entries for while she is gone!

Please feel free to email us at dorysbackyard(at)ebchristians(dot)com if you need anything cause Mama will still have the phone that makes her smart. You can also watch your tweets, or visit us on instagram to see what the MiniMe's are up to!