Vote HERE for King and Queen of the Derby!!

What a wonderful selection of Princes and Princesses we have for you today! There can only be one King and one Queen of the Derby tho, and it is up to you, Blogville citizens, to pick this year's Royal Court!

So without further ado, here is this years Princes and Princesses!

 Prince Casey

Princess Jessie

 Prince Stanley

Princess Madi

 Princess Hazel

 Prince Easy

Princess Whitley

Princess Cinnamon

 Prince Ziggy

 Princess Mabel

Princess Ruby and Prince Murphy

 Prince Travis

Prince Bailey and Hostess Dory

 Princesses Anne, in orange, and Abbe, in pink!

 Prince Marty

Prince Ralphie

Please vote for one Queen from the following Princesses:
1. Jessie
2. Madi
3. Hazel
4. Cinnamon
5. Mabel
6. Ruby
7. Anne
8. Abbe
 9. Whitley 


Please vote for one King from the following Princes:
1. Casey
2. Stanley
3. Easy
4. Ziggy
5. Murphy
6. Bailey
7. Marty
8. Ralphie 
9. Travis

So, in your comments you will leave two names. One for a King and one for a Queen!!

Mama has used magic so only she can see the ballots, so there are no worries about anyone seeing who you voted for!!
Stay tuned Saturday to see who you have chosen as King and Queen of the Demolition Derby!!!