Travel Tuesday - Mini BAR Wrap Up

Happy Travel Tuesday!!
Before we get started, we want to apologize if we aren't around much in the next week or so.  We are getting ready for the picnic...and Mama says she is planting Rosy's or digging Rosy's..or doing something with Rosy's...so although we DID make Mama put some posts together over the weekend, we may not be commenting too much.
Anyway...blame Mama not us!

Now...where were we...OH that's right, this week we are wrapping up our Mini BAR vacation...
Come on Mama...Efurryone is waiting and YOU are the one that wants to see the lighthouse!!!

We did warn you about the lighthouse this week, right?? That's right, we let Phod's pawrents sit with us and we headed to the Cape Meares Lighthouse with Murphy, Stanley and their peeps following in their Big Red Truck!!

We have to admit, it was a beautimous day to visit a lighthouse! The skies were so very blue!!

Mama went in and took a little tour of the lighthouse, she really enjoyed all the glass doohickies!

She was in there a long time, and we were positive the lighthouse monster finally ate her. But, with Daddy's help, we found her!!

After the lighthouse, we took a short hike over to the Octopus Tree...It is really cool looking, but Mama wouldn't let us climb on it. Why are Mamas so mean sometimes???


After we saw the Octopus tree, the Fellowship of the Rock made it's journey. You can read more about it over at Murphy and Stanley's 'cause our Mama's pictures just didn't do it justice...something about flip flops...rocks...and not wanting to fall. Click HERE to read more about the Fellowship of the Rock.

When we completed our rock mission we went back to camp, ate dinner and then headed out to watch the sunset on our last night together.
It was pretty chilly outside and I was cold...so I asked Daddy
if he would snuggle with me and keep me warm.


I sure am lucky I am a small dog...and a Daddy's boy teeheehee.

It was worth it though, it was a beautimous sunset!!

When we got home, Mama and Daddy went to visit with the peeps at Murphy and Stanley's wheelie house, but Arty and I were too tired and just wanted to sleep!

Looks like Stanley was really tired too...he sure is a good sleepy snuggler, isn't he??

We woke up nice and early and took Mama to hunt for a good place to take our Goodbye Group Picture. 
Arty found the pawfect spot!

We went back and got Murphy and Stanley and their peeps, Flat Phod and Lee and their peeps...and even Flat Ruby came with us for our group shot!

All the Mamas must have taken 87 million pictures..AND they brought treats, so our biggest decision was who we should look at and say "cheesie burger"!

We took our final pictures....ate some lunch, and then it was time for Murphy and Stanley to head to the Gorge and Phod and Hailey's peeps to head to Portland, where they had to catch a plane to get home!

We didn't have to leave until the next day, so we spent some time relaxing and playing in sunpuddles until it was time to pack up camp and head home!

Mama and Daddy promised we would be going on another wheelie house vacation next Spring and Summer...Something about them not being able to leave their Rosy's...sounds like Mama is developing a very bad gardening habit!

Thanks for tagging along on our trip to the Mini BAR. We had a BLAST, and hope we can get together with some of our friends again next year!!


Getting My Dance On!

 Mabel and Arty are busy getting the Blogville Barn ready for the dance!! Here's who we have coming so far!

da Phenny
Mabel and Arty
Hazel and Oreo
Tuiren and Walter
Fenris and Millie
Scylla and Brian
 Madi and Raz
Chester(and Princess Leah)
MaggieMae(and Leah)
Lightning, Misty and Timber
Abby and Frankie
Piper and Shelby
Murphy and Ruby
Jessie and Stanley
Hailey and Zaphod
YAM Aunty
Lucy and Linus
Belle, Bess & Bonnie
Pocket and River Song

If you don't see your name above, and you sent a picture in, let us know and we will see if it got stuck in that Spamalot folder!

If your pawrents are crazy busy you can let us know and we can have Mama use one of the pictures we have on file!

Make sure to get your picnic baskets ready for the Blogville Picnic! Join us for a day of fun and make sure to visit the events that will happening around town.  We will have a hop set up to make sure you get to visit them all! 

If you hurry up, there still have time to enter some of them!

Chef Abby Lab - Caterer

Ruby - Margarita Truck

Blogville Barn Dance - Mabel and Arty Dead Lion for pictures 9/18

Puzzling - YAM Aunty 

Blanket Volleyball - Madi Dead Lion September 18th 5pm EST

Pie Eating Contest - Wyatt and Tegan Dead Lion September 18th 

Bounce Houses - Jessie(and Casey) Dead Lion - September 8th

Treasure Hunt - DaPhenny Dead Lion September 18th 

October is looking pretty busy already too!!
Look at the events we have so far!
The Demo Derby has been moved until October 7th visit Oreo HERE to find out how you can be part of this fun 
Bash 'em Smash 'Em Blogville event!! 

Make sure to start putting away things for your local shelters  for our No Tricks Just Treats for Shelters Event and 
Comment-a-thon October 27th thru 29th!

YAM Aunty has also put together some Halloween Fun with her very own Skeery-thon on October 31st! Head over HERE to read more about this frighteningly fun event!

So much fun to have....so little time,

We look forward to seeing you!


King of the Chair Selfie Sunday!

Don't you hate it when you finally get crowned as Chair King, you get your selfie taken and just as you get nice and comfy,  your peep wants to steal your spot!!

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday!


Caturday Art

Mama turned us into a Mars Watercolor Painting this week....
We call this SQUIRREL!!!

Happy Caturday!!

We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty
for the Caturday Art Blog Hop!


Sun-Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday!

Here in our part of Blogville, the Sunflowers are in full bloom!

...and sometimes the sun even comes out and shines on them!

We have pretty brown sunflowers too!

Mama brought us home a few sunflowers...for some reason she didn't bring us with her to see the sunflower fields, something about a fancy gala blah blah...whatever, Mama!

Mama says she could spend hours looking at the sunflowers....

...all the pretty colors and sizes....

Although...we do think she should bring us with her next time!

We'll close this week with a shot of two different kinds of bees sharing the same flower...
We think humans could learn a bunch from all of us non-humans!!

Have a Flower-y Friday and a very Sunny Weekend!!

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!


Barn Dance Fun!

 Mabel and I are busy getting the Blogville Barn ready for the dance!! Here's who we have coming so far!

da Phenny
Tuiren and Walter
Fenris and Millie
Scylla and Brian
 Madi and Raz
Chester(and Princess Leah)
MaggieMae(and Leah)
Lightning, Misty & Timber
If you don't see your name above, and you sent a picture in, let us know and we will see if it got stuck in that Spamalot folder!

If your pawrents are crazy busy you can let us know and we can have Mama use one of the pictures we have on file!
....and don't worry you have until Monday night to get your pictures in!!

We hope to see you there!!!


How We Spent Our Summer Vacation!

Arty here today to tell you a bit more about what we did on our summer vacation!

 Most of you know we got to go on a very special Mini BAR getaway for our vacation in Oregon! 

 We arrived at the park in the late afternoon and, after Mama and Daddy filled up our wheelie house, we joined Murphy and Stanley(who were in the wheelie house right next door!), along with their pawrents and Hailey and Phod's Lady and Man.  Then we all went for a walk to THE BEACH!!

 While the peeps talked and talked(and talked and talked) I watched Murphy playing fetch with Wilson...Boy, that dood has some moves!!!

 Murphy and Stanley got to be offleash...and after I begged reminded Mama  that if I was responsible enough to be the Mayor of Blogville,  I could be trusted offleash. She said I could run around and play without being attached to her!!

 Let me tell you, I had SO.MUCH.FUN!!! 
Being offleash on the beach is the bestest, I ran and ran, I even played with Murphy and Stanley's Daddy for awhile!! He is bunches of fun!!
After playing so hard at the beach, Jakey and I barely remember getting back to the wheelie house and going to bed!! 

 We got up bright and early the next morning 'cause Mama said we were going to a Pawty! Murphy and Stanley were right out our door, so we kept an eye out for them!
K-10(Hailey's Mama) and Sam(K-10) came over and we piled into the Rogue where I may or may not have snuggled with Phod's Lady, while Jakey may or may not have been petted by Hailey's Man.  We played follow the leader with Murphy and Stanley and their folks for about 87 hours(or maybe 20 minutes)

 When we got out of the car we saw a park full of Airdale(and one cute Lakie) Terrierists!! That's right, we got to meet Wyatt and Tegan along with some of Wyatt's relatives!!!
The Mini BAR was in full swing!!

 We all sat around and while the human's talked, we played and got to know each other!!

Wyatt's Mama made the most delicious cake in all of Blogville!!!

 Not only did it look good....

...it tasted delicious!! Jakey took care of the milky bones while I took care of the nommy cake!

 After all that cake, we relaxed while the humans gibby gabbed!

Check out Wyatt's collar...it was a present from his Mama for his birthday! It even has a bottle opener on it!

Mama and K-10 were a bit worried about the big birdies in the tree next to us, but I made sure to show those birdies who was boss!!

 Jakey even enjoyed a nice snooze with Lupe!!
Mama thought how they were touch/snuggling was pretty cute!

 We all had a totally great time, and all too soon it was time to say goodbye to Wyatt and Tegan....

After all that excitement we went for a long walkie at Cannon Beach to see the famous Haystack Rock!

Of course, Mama saw a lighthouse...because you know...she attracts them! 

 That night, the humans relaxed in front of a nice fire that the Doodz Daddy built...

We were pretty wiped out after such a long day and went to bed early!!

We hope you enjoyed reading a little about what we did on our summer vacation! We'll be back next Tuesday to tell you about our last day at the Mini BAR...A small warning though...there may be ANOTHER lighthouse involved!

Let us know what you've been up to and link up to the 
How I Spent My  Summer(or Winter) Vacation Blog Hop!