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About Us - By Mama

Bilbo is a Lhasa Apso and is the oldest of our pack and just turned 10 on May 17th. Bilbo came to our family in July of 2002 and was our first dog as a married couple (we had been married about 16 months). Bilbo is our "boss" and is the first to wake us up in the morning and the first to tell us when it is time to go to bed. Bilbo is a loner and these days, when he is not managing the family, he can be found sleeping in his bed.

Dory, also a Lhasa,  was born on December 26, 2003 and is our middle pup. We tried to fool ourselves into thinking we got her to "keep Bilbo company", but we are pretty sure she lured us to Bryant, Texas so we could bring her home when she was ready to leave her dog Mama in March 2004.  
Dory is the guardian of her backyard and guards it against all things squirrel. She is a people dog and has never met a stranger. She is also my first "heart-dog".

Jacob, a Lhasa Poo mix, was the next addition to our pack and we are pretty sure his birthday is in March of 2007, making him a little over 5 years old. He came to us from Forgotten Friends/Mixed Breed Rescue on May 15, 2010. Jacob just loves barking at our neighbor doggie, but has yet to utter a woof in the house. He is always ready to give us hugs and kisses and is the loverbug in our pack.


Arty is a 5 month old Lhasa-Mix that came to us through our fostering efforts with Austin Dog Alliance. Something about his little boy face just told us he was suppose to stay in our family. He originally came from Williamson County Animal Shelter and is a typical puppy with plenty of puppergy. He is keeping Dory and Jake on their paws and is the current squirrel spotter, sitting by the backyard and barking whenever he sees a squirrel (or most anything else)!