Blogville Pawlympic Information

 That's right, the humans may think they have the market on this Olympic thing, but Blogville is also well known for their own brand of PAWlympic FUN!! 

Thanks to Christmas for the cool badge!
This year, I (Arty) am joining my fellow Mayorial Running-Mates:
Christmas at Paw Province and
in hosting the Blogville Olympics!!

We will be putting together the Opening and Closing Ceremonies along with maybe hosting an event or two!! 

What a great question!! Here is what you need to do!!
1.  Pick an Event or Create Your Own!! - It can be just about anything that we with paws, claws or hooves can participate in! See the list at the bottom of this post for past PAWlympic events!

2.  Take a Look HERE (you can also click in our page link above) on our PAWlympic Schedule. Pick an open date to host your event. 

3. Email Lexi, Christmas or Arty with the event you would like to host AND the date you would like to host it. We will confirm your request and place your event on the schedule.

PLEASE NOTE THE DEAD LION TO SIGN UP TO HOST AN EVENT IS JUNE 21st.  This will give you plenty of time to advertise your event and get your PAWtheletes!

4. Gather Your PAWtheletes! After we have confirmed your date and event, feel free to announce your event on your Blog and gather your PAWtheletes together!!

PLEASE NOTE THE DEAD LION FOR PAWtheletes TO SIGN UP FOR EVENTS is JULY 15th. Once again, we want everyone to have plenty of time to get their competition ready!!

Remember we are an EOV (Equal Opportunity Village) and welcome Hermit Crabs, Kitties, Bunnies, Birdies, Donkeys, Pigs and even Doggies to participate in our events. 

All animals are welcome no matter how big or small!!

What do you think - EASY PEASY, right???

To top it off, this will be a BLOG HOP so Blogville won't miss
any event!! We bet the humans wish THEY had a Blog Hop for their events!
 Feel free to ask either in the comments or in an email and we will answer you in the comments or email you an answer!!

Make sure to grab any or all of these Olympic Badges on your way out to use on your sidebar and to promote your event!!

Here is a list of past events (remember you can also make up your own event!!):
Cross Neighborhood Walkabouts 
Catch Me IF You Can
Couch Potato Peelin Stick(s)
Tuneful Farting  

Equestrian    (I'll bet there will be a ton of HORSING around with this one - heehee)
Synchronized Peeing
De-Stuffing Event
Tongue Curling / The Raspberry
Critter Stalking
Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do
Marathon Chewing
Window Nose ART
Free Style Zoomies
Roaching and Rolling
Peeing in the RAIN

We can't WAIT to see all the pawsome events Blogville comes up with!!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

It is going to be EPIC fur SURE...

Mara said...

What about Teddies? Are Teddies allowed to join??

Brom (a nervously awaiting your answer teddy) from Norway

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Wait a great lineup of events for the Pawlympics. Can't wait! ღ