Photo Shoots and Thank You

Hi efurryone! Rosy here today to share with the fun parts of my training this week!
Mama and me work on the boring training stuff every daylike sit, stay and leave it.  We are learning all kinds of things from a fun lady who lives in the computer named Robin Bennett. Mama even signed me up for some puppy classes starting at the beginning of November so someday I can become a Canine Good Citizen like my Uncles Murphy and Stanley and my Auntie Mabel.  But today, I'm going to show you what I learned about being a pretty girl and what I learned about Princesses!

It all started last Thursday when Mama brought in the mail, there was a letter from me!
When we saw who it was from, Mama asked if I would like to dress up and use my manners to do a Thank You post!
Dramatic Re-enactment
That's right, The Blogville Executive Office Manager, Princess Leah sent me a very sweet welcome card!!! As you can see, I let Mama put a purple ribbon in my hair and a pretty purple bow around my neck so I would look extra pretty for my photo shoot!  Don't worry, she gave me lots of treats as I got used to wearing them, Mama says I am a natural super model!
(from Mama: I wore Rosy out with a good game of fetch plus, lucky for me, she is VERY treat motivated!)

In between formal pictures, Mama told me all about how Princess Leah is a buttie-pillar expert and I spent a long time chewing on gazing at the pretty buttie-pillar on the card!

I also spent some time  chewing on gazing at the pretty words on the inside of the card as Mama read them to me.

She told me all about the Blogville Executive Offices where Arty is Mayor! I'm going to talk to Arty right away and ask him when I can come visit him at work! It sounds like such a wonderful place!  Princess Leah even pawmised she would make me a PUPPACHINO!! I'm not sure what a puppachino is, but I'm sure I'll love it! I am going to have to talk to Mama about getting me a new dress!! This is all very exciting!!

Thanks so much for the very beautimous card Princess Leah, I can't wait to meet you!!!


Monday Morning Mischief

Arty here today with a peak at our typical post breakfast morning routine when we all climb into bed to wait for Daddy to finish in the shower and come play with us....

 I hide under Daddy's pillow to escape the Great Black Shark....

 I always make sure Mama is available to rescue me if I am attacked. As you might be aware, the Great Black Shark has razor sharp teeth and I am afraid she might eat me!

 Then...the black shark makes her move.  I try to save myself from being eaten alive and when Mama turns around to see what is going on....

She pretends that she has been waiting for Daddy THE WHOLE TIME!!

Sheesh, baby sisters...what's a guy to do???


Selfie Sunday!

I want to thank effuryone for their well wishes! I am feeling much better PLUS I am getting delicious duck pate(for doggies) for dinner for the next few days!

I, Jakey, have been spending lots of time lounging outside. I know our sunny days are numbered, so I am enjoying them while I can!!

I, Rosy, is just busy keeping my brofurs on their toes!!

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday!

Happy Selfie Sunday!!


Caturday Art-y

Today I got together with Mama to create an artistic representation of how I felt yesterday after I my teefies cleaned and three of them taken away...I call it  


Flower Friday with Rosy

Seriously Mama...Flower Fairy?? I is a fierce Lhasa Lion!!
Happy Flower Friday Effuryone! Mama here today, along with Flower Fairy Rosy, to show you what October looks like at Sequoia Gardens!

As you can see, the color is fading a bit. If you look close enough though, there is still color to be found...it is amazing to see dahlias blooming this late in the season.

You DO have da cookies, right Mama???

Rosy is really enjoying her photo shoots and even enjoys dressing up a little bit!

Mama, can I goes now?? Arty wants to play zoomies!
Once she gets her final puppy shots next week, we will start doing some location shoots!

Why yes, I am pretty cute aren't I?
We hope you've enjoyed October at Sequoia Gardens.
Happy Weekend Effuryone!!

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!


BOO...Bars #ChewyInfluencer

 We love being #chewyinfluencers,  every month Natalie and Chewy.com give us the chance to try some new and, most of the time, delicious new product in exchange for our true blue honest opinion!  We know when Mama orders from Chewy.com our box will be shipped quickly and we usually get it within 48 hours and don't even get Mama started on how pawsome their customer service is!!

 Let's get this review going Arty, we need to be done before Miss Sassy Pants, Rosy wakes up! This month we chose to review Blue Buffalo's BOO Bars!!

 These limited edition treats are made from lots of nommy stuff like oatmeal, pumpkin, carrots and cinnamon.
Plus, they don't have corn, wheat or soy...so Arty can have them too!

 That's right, Jakey and, don't tell Rosy but, they are for pups of all ages!  
They are small and crunchy, but they are more flaky crunch than hard crunchy, so Jakey and I can still bitey them with no problem. 
Mama says IF we decide to share them with Rosy, they are easily broken apart.

Come on Mama...let's get to the tastin' part!


 Crunch...crunch....Good stuff!!

We give these 8 paws up...A nommy treat that is fun to eat!!

OH NO ARTY....She's awake....RUN!!!