VPKC(Vampire Puppy and Kitty Club) Friday!

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From Mommy:

Cesar Milan - The Dog Whisperer (I hear dogs can't read italics, so Sasha won't be able to read the C. name right???)

This week, try to make someone aware that dogs need and want to be supervised......
I own a mentally challenged Llasa who was born with several birth defects. I may have fun at Bilbo's expense, but I know that I sometimes don't give him the rules and boundaries that he needs. This week I am going to try and reel in his authority and let him relax in the fact that he really isn't in charge. Maybe that will help with his sometimes aggressive behavior.


This week we saw two of our friends that were hurt by other puppies:

First our friend Hero from Malaysia was bitten by mogrel dogs..

Read all about Hero 's Story


MJ of the NY Bully Brats was also hurt by another puppy this week.

Read all about MJ's Boo Boo

It wasn't but a little over a week ago that Woodrow was hurt by a neighbor dog known for prior puppy violence offenses!

Read all about Woodrow's Boo Boo

Since we are not sure that the far away place that Hero lives takes green papers from my Mama we are going to donate 20 green papers in Hero's name AND in The NY Bully Brats names to the place that helps animals that the NY Bullies choose!!

UPDATE: Woodrow, MJ and Sweetie have chosen the Bull Terrier Rescue in San Francisco for the place for Mommy to send the green papers to. Please visit Martine at "I Need a Sugar Fix" for more information.

We of the VPKC want to make all dogs aware of the puppies and kitties out there that might not have humans, or might not have very well trained humans. Always ask your Mommy, Daddy, Tall Guy or Old Guy, Bean, Human or Servant if it is ok to play with an unknown puppy or kitty!!


Cocorue said...

you such a good dog.... that's why i have just awarded you this award....come check

Tiffany said...

Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about Hero, MJ, and Woodrow. That is precisely why Mom is very protective and hesitates to go to the dog park. The majority of dogs out there are bigger than us, even the small breeds, so Mommy is always scared one of them will hurt us even if they don't mean to. Humans should really be more careful about letting their dogs interact with others if they are known to be aggressive or bite. We are so glad you posted this and hope that creates better awareness. What a great thing you are doing with your VPKC Friday.

Chihuahua kisses,
Bentley & Lexus

Brownie said...

You are all so generous to donate to good causes! Especially in this economy, it's so important to support our rescues!

Martha Basset said...

We are really pleased you you are supporting rescues - we do for the rescues in the UK.
we were sorry to read about all those doggies being hurt.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Tank said...

thanks for your generosity pups... hope it's contagious

hero said...

Hi Dory,
Thank you very much for making the green paper donation on our names to the animal shelters. Your mama is such a kind soul and bless you all. Those homeless dogs lead a sad life but they are also dangerous to other dogs too. And sometimes, dogs with humans also can attack other dogs coz the humans did not teach them properly. VPKC Friday is a good idea to create awareness.
Licks, hero.

Martine said...

Oh WOW!!! How cool that the brats picked BT Rescue!!! Thanks for making something good out of these not so fun situations!

xo martine

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

Woodrow and MJ want everyone to know they are okay - and really appreciate the support Dory, bilbo and there pawrents are showing the
BT Rescue - we are also going to send a donation to help the rescue

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

JackDaddy said...

Boo to the bad moms and dads who let their puppies hurt other puppies! I think that deep down, all puppies are good!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a furry good post!

It is sad when furiends get hurt by other doggies...don't they know we are all in this TOGETHER???


Bijou said...

Go Dory! Go Dory! Go Dory!

We love that you are doing this for your furiends and helping the homeless doggies at the same time.

Wags & wiggles,

Scout and Freyja said...

It is so sad that not all woofies get along. Gee, it seems like us gentle souls get the wrong end of the stick sometimes. Large or small, young or old, ALL dogs need to learn the rules. Our momma said so!

Noir in Texas said...

I HISS at the humans that aren't watching their puppies--especially the bad puppies. I'm sure the bad puppies really are good ones--maybe their humans need some training!

Jan Mader said...

The world needs more of you. Thank you for everything you do.

I've gotten to the point in my life where I only take rescues...too many to go buy a puppy or kitten.

Usually by this time in the summer I would have fostered a litter of puppies or kittens, but not this year. I'm ready though!

ocmist said...

You and your Mommy are TOPS, Dory! So nice to share about your friends and so others can learn. We have a problems sometimes with BAD neighbor dogs and have to defend ourselves, but then we end up grounded, as you probably read in our last blog.

Part of the proceeds from Dott's book goes to the Alpha Canine Shelter in Bakersfield to try to help, too. We all should do what we can! BG

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dory!
You are so nice making those donations!
I am so sorry our friends were hurt!
Kisses and hugs

Lily and Benson said...

Poor baby...a puppy that lives by me got a little bite yesterday from a big dog. Maybe a full moon makes doggies bite
Benny & Lily

chicamom85 said...

Dory, first thank you for your nice note for Mommy, she is going to get a shot(yuck) in her back next week and she hopes that will help. Next we are so sad to read about all of the dog injuries, we are off to visit our friends next. Mommy is trying to catch up on my friends. We have missed you and yes even Bilbo. Bilbo and I are kind of alike in some ways. Licks and sniffs, Sasha

p.s. Sasha is in the other room so I am going to make a quick comment. I agree with you about Bilbo. We also make comments about Sasha, we call her our special needs puppy, but I know if Caesar ever came to visit, he would blame us for Sasha's sassy behavior for the most part. I will try with Sasha also and maybe we can update with each other. Oops here she is, ok have a great day Dory and Bilbo

Teddy Bear said...

Oh no! Poor puppies! I hate doggy violence. I hope everyone is ok.

Teddy Bear

Mango said...

Our town has a leash law so we do not get too many of those poor doggies who don't know their manners. But there are some places where doggies run loose anyway and one of my dog pal's dad got bited saving her from a gang of mean doggies.

Sigh. Some people just don't get it.


The Army of Four said...

You're so sweet!
We have a leash law in our town, too. Sadly, it's not enforced and a lot of dirtbags let their dogs run loose. We've been attacked several times - don't get our mom started about it - she'll go on a multi-hour-long rant!
Tail wags,

Ms. ~K said...

I feel sorry for the pups who were biten and the pups who did the biting. The latter will end up in a shelter or worse I fear.

Snowy and Crystal said...

very well done Dory ^_^ we are so very proud of you

dozersblog said...

Hey Dory thanks fer a grate publik safetee anounsement! I thinks you is doing a sooper thang. I saved my Mummy from bad dawgs wunce and after that she worked hard to stop loose dawgs in our nayborhood. It has taked menny yeers but we finally kin take walkies and hardly never see a loose dawg. I thinks more peoples should speek up and akt when they sees dawg problems in their nayborhood!

Yer pal Dozer