Mama and Me!!

Mama and I  are showing our love for Max (and each other), by posting a picture of us. Please stop by and visit Max.  He and his Mama are a wonderful inspiration!!

Daddy took this picture of us last night...Mama is being silly, with a bag hat on her head.


We will get Daddy to take one of Mama and Bilbo for Bilbo's post tomorrow.
In the meantime....a bunch of you wondered you I was pining for on Saturday??? I will reveal the mystery man when I post a valentine for him next Sunday so stay tuned!!!

(from Dory Mama to other Mamas - The heart flare on Dory's love post was care of Flickr's Picnik editing software)


Frankie Furter said...

Woooohooooooie, Dory has a guyfurend. Can't wait to find out who it is.. ???????????????? I know Riley is available. Luv is really Grrrreat. I ought to know!
Those Saints did go on a grrrreat March didn't they. Did you see the people on Bourbon St.?
My mom and dad have been there.

Tank said...

A twofer... hot doggie & hot Mama!

Sierra Rose said...

Cuteeeeeee!! Love the head wear!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Tucker said...

your momma has a weird since of fashion, was theree a sandwich in the bag too? Cause that would be pawesome.

woof - Tucker

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

we love love love the photo of you and your mommy!!!!
You both are sooo beautiful and sweet!!!!
And your momma looks soo funny with your special hat!!!

We're praying for max too!!

And...Dory....we can't wait to know whois the lucky boy that have stolen your heart!!!


Kari in WeHo said...

So I am thinking you were cheering for the colts? Cute pic :)

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Pawesome picture!

Twinkietinydog said...

Adorable photo. Your mom is the bomb. I love you for doing that for Max. Of course, dying to find out who you're pining over. Lastly, thank your mom for us. We love learning new things :)

JackDaddy said...

I think someone has put a paper bag on your Mom's head while she was sleeping! :)

But it is a great picture!

The OP Pack said...

Could it possible be Riley - poor guy is heartsick over not having a Valentine?

Great pic of you with Mom - we have been trying to get our Mom to share one of her too.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder


Hi Dory,

What a cute picture of you and mommy. Can't wait to see who your new boyfrend is????? OMD!!! Love is in the air!

We luv ya Dory and Bilbo too!

Riley and Star.

Martine said...


You and your momma are so cute!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos! is it spring yet? It seems love is in bloom!I can not wait to see who it is...
-Kira The BeaWootiful and still snowless!

Draco and his Mom said...

Oh Goodness...that is a beautiful picture of you and your Mom, it is good of Max and his Mom to remind us all to take together pictures. I want to know who you have a crush on too.

Olive said...

Awww Dory and Mama! Great picture!!!

Hope you have a great week..Mom thinks she ate too much, she feels sick now..to much food on Puppy Bowl Sunday!

Licks from Olive :)

houndstooth said...

Dory, we're trying to get Dad to take good pictures of us with Mom for the same reason. You and your mom look very happy together!

I'm very curious about who the mystery man is!


Teddy Bear said...

Go Saints! Love the photo of your and your Mom. Did she make you a paper hat too?

Teddy Bear

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

Oh Dory, you and your mama are beautiful!


Cocorue said...

THAT is a hot hot pic of the two of you.....

love your mumster's funny bone and she could be starting a trend ....stylish headgear bol....

Max and his mumster will be grinning for a long time ha


Mack and Sally Ann said...

Somebody is a Mommy's girl. I'm a Mommy's girl, so it is a good thing.
Sally Ann

Honeygo Beasley said...

Now we see you, Momma!

hero said...

That's a nice picture of you and mama, Dory. Was there any cheetos in the paper bag? Can't wait for you to reveal the secret.

Licks, hero

kissa-bull said...

oh sweet dory you are just too romantic we cant wait to see the mystery woggie
gweat photo wiff you mommish
we were rooting for the saints as well
pibble sugars
the houston pittie pack

Mango said...

Hey Dory! I think you are being squeezed a tad too tightly. SQUISH! Your mom wears even goofier hats than mine does.


Lorenza said...

Pawesome picture!
Kisses and hugs

Checkers said...

WHO DAT??? GEAUX Saints!

Benny and Lily said...

Dory where is your bag? BOL.. We will stay tuned ...
Benny & Lily

Emma Rose said...

Great photo. We need to do that for Max too. It is really hard to get the Duchess in front of the camera though.

Emma Rose

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That woo be pawesome if it were Riley!

And what a pawesome pikh of woo and your mama!


The Army of Four said...

I love that picture of you and your mom! You're both such babes!
Hmm... I wonder if it's ME!?!? Or my brother Dave? He's such a ladies man. This is such a cliff-hanger!
Play bows,

Piappies World said...

Hi Dory,

What a sweet snapshot! We feel the love, Dory. Your mama's headgear is so cute! Now we wonder how Bilbo will pose for his portrait with mama.

-Frappi, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

ScrapsofMe said...

Aroooo Dat?
Cute picture of Dory and the Momma, but I thought you were a Daddy's girl like me? Are we gonna see you and the Daddy too?


Jazzi said...

That is a really cute picture of you and your mama. So...this is the one that wanted to put away the christmas stuffies??? Umm.....well she looks much nicer now that she let you keep them lol
Nice mama!!! dont let her show my mom that hat or you know who will be wearing a paper hat dont you?? Be happy that you arent wearing the hat!!!

Cant wait to hear who the lucky guy is.....


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Very sweet, Dory!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

What a lovely picture of you and Mama Dory. We are looking forward to seeing the mystery man!
Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What a fun picture of you and Mama!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Madi and Mom said...

Dory your Dad and Bilbo live with two very beautiful women!!!! Mom and I love the picture of you and Mom.
Madi and Mom

Tobi said...

Oh how I LOVE that bag hat! LOVE IT!