King and Queen of the Demolition Derby!!

You've heard about Oreo's Demolition Derby coming up on August 29th, right???

Well, we volunteered to host the contest for the King and Queen of the Derby!!!

That's right, we are taking applicants starting now, until August 26th! On Thursday, August 27th we will display all the entries and have a closed comment vote to ask Blogville to elect our winners!!

 Now...you are probably asking yourself a couple of questions...
Let's see if we  can answer them for you!

 Question #1: "What do I need to do to enter into the running for King or Queen?"

Well that's an easy one....You need to enter a picture of yourself, dressed like what YOU think a Demolition Derby King/Queen should look like!! 

Question #2: Do I have to be part of a "couple" to enter the contest??
Nope, you don't HAVE to be part of a couple BUT if you want to enter a picture of you and your beau that would be PAWSOME too!! If you win, (and your partner doesn't)your partner can be your "escort".

Question #3: Do I have to be part of the Derby to participate??
Nope, but we DO think the Demolition Derby is going to be a BLAST...so you should go visit Oreo, HERE, to find out how to enter!

Now...here is some more fun info from Blogville's Director of Artistic Services, our very own Jakey!!
As most of you know,  I am NOT fond of dressing up in REAL clothes.  I will be giving refresher classes on how to "Dress yourself up" for the next 2 Thursdays (August 5th and August 12th).

I'll show you how I turned the mild mannered (BOL) Arty from this ummmm sweet little guy....

To THIS sharp looking Derby Prince Dude!

...and then I'll show you how to turn this cute, cuddly, wonderful, best dog ever into...

This potential Disco King of the Derby!!!

Now I, Dory, think a Queen should be all frilly and demure....so I am perusing my wardrobe to find just the right outfit!!You can join ME, Dory for fashionista dress up tips on Thursday, August 19th!

OH.....and did we mention??? There will be prizes!!!!!
A prize box will be sent to both the King and Queen of the Derby treats and a toy catered to the type furry they are!

Don't forget,  email your pictures to us by August 26th!!

Feel free to ask us any questions (you can leave then in the comments or email us) and we will answer them next Thursday!


Lone Star Cats said...

I think me and Crockett are gonna start practicin by demolishin some stuff in da kitchen - Angie already are a demolishun queen, MOL MOL!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OMD how organised are you all for this event? VERY, I'd say!!! Am organising my August as well, but only because I shall again be tripping over to Edinburgh (festival!) and need to be ahead of my game. It also means I will miss on joining this particular event; but I'll be keeping an eye on effuryone!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Whitley Westie said...

Luv your fancy outfit Dory!!

MilitaryPugWife said...

Omgosh. Well, I will have to see if MaddiethePug would like to enter! She hates wearing clothes, lol.
But you never know!!!
<3 Maddie's Mommy

Mark Muller said...

omd that sounds great... I can becoma a king and I can win a queen? how great is that? I will ask HRM if she can borrow me her bling...
easy rider

Julie said...

How exciting, I'll haf to up my game frum Princess to Queen!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Emma said...

Bailie is the most destructive of our family enjoying shredding toys and pillows around the house. She may want to enter. I will have to check.

Jeanne Pursell said...

We absolutely LOVE your fancy dresses Dory!!! You always look like a queen! xo Chloe and LadyBug

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Dory - you will win the queen role straight away - look how gorgeous you are !

Madi and Mom said...


stellaroselong said...

You guys take the best pictures!!!!! Our mom loves them,,,we tell her time and time again to get off her butt and takes ours but hers is to busy....stella rose

Murphy said...

We are gonna enter this fur sure! We already sent in our pictures for our crash up car to Oreo! It's gonna be a blast!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh boy this looks looks like a blast. We better get thinking
Lily & Edward

Idaho PugRanch said...

us girls have already been thinking about what we could wear!
Mabel & Hazel
Mr Bailey too

Sketching with Dogs said...

Dory you look so elegant! You are better dressed than our mum, hehe.
Dip and Elliot x

Freya Rose Blossom said...

'cept I 'ATE wearin 'ATS... I ain't wearing no 'AT.
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

Marg said...

Well all of you look so great all dressed up. This sure sounds like a gun event. You all have a great evening.

M. K. Clinton said...

OMD! We want to enter to be Derby King! I'm going to have to get my mom and dad busy.

The Army of Four said...

I can't wait to see everyone!

Cole said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures!!

Millie and Walter said...

Dory you sure do set an excellent example of how to dress like a queen.