Crazy Mama Mischief!

We interrupt our Pawlympic coverage for a Special Announcement!!

Due to an oversight by our bad, bad assistant...aka MAMA there were some contestants LEFT OUT of the Sitting Pretty Event!!!

Needless to say, Mama has been grounded from margarita drinking for a minimum of TWO WEEKS!
Even though she assures us this was a clerical error of a squirrel "misfiling" two entries, this is NO EXCUSE!!

Here are our missing Pawtheletes:
 Ruby, doing a perfect "Stuffy and Me Sit,"  a Gold Medal winner for sure!!

 Here are Ciara and Lightning doing the very difficult "Tandem Deck Flower Sit"
Hmmmmm, wait a minute, we wonder if they were the Secret Agent Sibes we saw yesterday???


Ruby, Lightning and Ciara,  here are your very own Medals. Please accept them with our Mama's deepest apologies....

Forgetting Ruby, Ciara and Lightning's pictures was bad enough, but Mama had THE NERVE to say because Dory was hosting the event we COULD NOT COMPETE!!! 

...and just look at our pretty sitting!!
Here I am, doing my "Preppy Sit"

Here is a blast from the past,  Bilbo doing his best
"Pawfessor Sit" 
(Bilbo is wearing the sweater vest he received from
Frankie Furter during our First Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange!)

Lastly, Jakey does his "Fishy Sit"!

Can you believe Mama didn't include these??!!
She is in "The Dog House"  for sure!!!

We did have a blast competing in a few
events over the weekend:

Saturday, Benji and Lassiter hosted the Pawlympic Basketball Game. It was a great game with Blogville beating the pants off of the Aliens...Wait, do aliens wear pants???

On Sunday, Dory headed over to compete in the Gymnastic Bathing event at Toby's Wrecking Crew!

 Yesterday, Dory did a great job in the Wabbit Tracking event hosted by Emma!

It looks to be a great final week at the Pawlympics!
Today, tune into:
Munro Bagging hosted by Bertie at Bouncing Bertie's Blog

Bubble Jumping hosted by Oreo at Oreo's Cookie Jar

Visit the Pawlympic Event Page to view any event you may have missed and which events are coming up!


Mark Muller said...

Bravo Bravo! Pawsome sitters... maybe your mama can offer the margaritas to Ruby as an eggs-tra price? That's not easy to sit next to a stuffie without making confetti ... and I bet the Woo's deserved one or two or 87 margaritas too for sitting so pretty next to the flowers without digging for gold in that flowerpots :o)

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Deary me, so much to see and do, who can say there's any blame?! Very glad to see the extras!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

Molly and Mackie said...

Congratulations to all the pretty sitters! You all deserve gold - even your brothers, Dory! You guys are sure racking up those gold medals! Well done on all of your events!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

They were so pretty they needed their own day, teehee! With so many great entries for so many great events, it is not a surprise a few needed special events!

Julie said...

Oh these Pawlympics are such funs and by Momma missing a few photos yesterday it just means we get EXTRA enjoyments today...woohoo!!!!
AND, well done on your GOLD medals!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx
PeeS I is still luffing my flower, although Mum says I am NOT allowed to eat it *sigh*

Emma said...

You need to give your assistant a bit more leash. With so many participants, it is hard to get them all into the event. I'm sure things have smoothed over with them. It was a super fun event. Keep on competing and reeling in the medals!

Sandra said...

no wonder mama forgot to photos, she has been a busy bee for months now and keeping up with all this after the big travel blogs has to be a lot of work... i love the pawfessor sit, made me laugh....

Madi and Mom said...

Oh dear..I think banning maragritas for 2 weeks is an excellent punishment.
MOLMOL MOL mom's are such funny critters!
My mom stays in trouble for one thing or another.
Hugs madi your bfff

Christmas & Robin said...

Everyone did a grrrreat job!

Casey said...

OMD, Bilbo, I have that EXACT same sweater! Well...mine's a bigger size. But we could be twins!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

You know we just really wanted to have our own special day with Ruby:) and as you can see from our post today, we got a big kick out of being invisible. Thanks for the repost even though we totally understand - we are lucky our Mom even remembered to send our entries in for a few events:)

You all look great sitting pretty and we especially enjoyed seeing dear Bilbo!!!

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

The Army of Four said...

You guys would have been gold medalists for SURE!!!
Wow. Two weeks without margaritas?!? You're very strict. When you decide it's been long enough, make sure she sits first and maybe gives her paw before you let her have one. It's only fair - right?

Sketching with Dogs said...

Good help is so hard to find.....
Love the sitting pretty event, everyone is so good at it.
(We must all be very good dogs, hehe).
Elliot x

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those mommas are pieces of work!
Lily & Edward

Idaho PugRanch said...

Gotta give the moms a break sometimes!
Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

ARty - you rock the preppy look!
hugs - Mabel

tubby3pug said...

Champion sitters for sure paw some!!!!!!!

LBJ said...

So much work has gone into these events we can totally understand how you can miss someone. We appreciate all of the effort the hosts have gone to in order to make these events so supportive and fun!

Abby Lab

Millie and Walter said...

At least your mom made it up to the missing entries. We sure are having fun competing in all the Pawlympic events.

Team Beaglebratz with Lady Shasta said...

Oh let'z not even talk'bout suppozed assistantz. I'm duin'good tue git entered in the eventz I did git entered in. I know my bloggie iz feelin'neglected az am I when it comez tue vizitin'an'commentin'on furrendz bloggiez.
HOWEVER, u'all r lookin'furry much purty an'handsum in your sittin'purty. Yes, I think Ruby an'the Wooz shood git sum "speshal" margaritaz an'of course u'll d-serve x-tra treatz fer havin'tue endure bein'there.
Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Ruby said...

Oh gurl! You knows your MOms deserves a break! Butts, WOWSA!!!! That SUPER DUPER SPECIAL MEDAL IS PAWSOME!!!! Tell her that she is the bestest, and that maybe only a day without the margaritas should do...BOL! And, I thinks all of you deserve a SPECIAL MEDAL for all your hard works on these most FABulous PAWLYPICS!!!
Thanks bunches, and tell your MOms I am sendin' her a pitcher of margaritas in a week...hehehehe
Ruby ♥

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Goodness...more golden medals for you guys! Well done. 🏅

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