Thursday Travel Tails - Wyoming and Colorado

Dory here today to tell you all about Mama and Arty's and my journeys through Wyoming and Colorado!

Let's start off with the scenery! As you will see throughout this Travel Tail, it is hard to find anywhere in these two states that isn't scenic!

 Wyoming has REALLY big skies with big mountains like the one above!!

 The part of Colorado we drove through has everything from foothills to plateaus!
It was like we were driving right into an Old West Movie!!

 We even saw some wild deer...or at least we THINK it was a type of deer...

Has anybody ever seen deer like these??
Pretty cool, huh???

 Here is another example of Wyoming....BIG open plains surrounded by BIG skies and BIG Mountains!!

...and of course, Mama had to show you this..ummmm...cool wooden fence
(It's always nice to humor the Mama. You know what they say, Happy Mama = More Cookies)

 The Rest Areas in both Wyoming and Colorado were very nice. Mama enjoyed being able to go inside and out of the wind in Wyoming (it is VERY windy in Wyoming) and the human facilities were both clean and safe.  We only stopped at one Rest Area in Colorado. It reminded Mama of the Rest Areas on the NJ Turnpike,  with all the restaurants, rest rooms and amenities inside one building. It had a nice grassy doggy area for us, so we liked it!

 We took some time to appreciate the scenery in Colorado with a Rest Stop at a little park.
 It was so very serene there....

 Can't you just hear the birdies chirping and the frogs croaking???

 I suggested to Mama that we take a little walkie...she needed to get some exercise in after spending so much time sitting in the car!!

 How could she say no to walking with such a beautiful view??!!

 It was a refreshing walkie on a beautiful trail and...

 That's right, HOT AIR BALLOONS!!!!
It was soooooo cool!!!

 While we were in Wyoming, we spent most of our Rest Stop recreation doing this....
Arty became a bit obsessed with these little guys...
I'm SURE it was just to secure their votes!!
(*wink, wink*)

 We didn't stay in a hotel in Wyoming, but we stayed in a nice La Quinta in Fort Collins, Colorado.
It was in the midst of being renovated, and the rooms we stayed in were very nice!  The staff was VERY nice to Mama, but more importantly they petted and talked directly to US!!  

From Mama: The LQ in Fort Collins was easily accessable off of I-25.  The hotel was just finishing renovations and the room we stayed in was already upgraded with more electrical outlets for easier "charging up". 
The only downside of this LQ was the 10 X 10 foot "grassy area" for the pups. Unfortunately, although a peemail haven for pups, I don't trust the health aspects of having just one area like this for a hotel full of pups. Hopefully they will upgrade this too.  In the meantime, the hotel is adjacent to a business park where it is safe to walk the pups during the day and early evening.

 Arty and I played a nice game of Roaching Tag before bed. We just LOVED playing this game on the big hotel bed!!

 After roaching, we fell asleep watched TV with Mama until she got sleepy. Then we all had a great nite's sleep!

Colorado AND Wyoming are so very beautimous and we hope to bring Daddy to see all the lovely scenery (and Prairie Doggies) sometime soon!!! 

Have you ever been to Colorado or Wyoming?? What did you think of them?

Next week's weekly programming will be  interrupted for Pawlympic Commentary. Make sure to join Arty the following Thursday,  August 25th  to share his visit through Arizona!!!

  The Pawlympic Excitemement continues!!
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Bouncing Bertie said...

Great post. I loved seeing Colorado and Wyoming, Gail has been to Colorado tells me the scenery is stunning, and after reading this post I now know she has not been fibbing. We would both love to go to Wyoming sometime. (We are well accustomed to wind in Scotland). One can only dream…
Toodle pip!

Mark Muller said...

thanks for this post!!! the grampy of the mama always wanted to go to wyoming to be a cowboy there...it was his greatest dream... and as I saw your photos, I thought this state is really like the grampy imagined once... I wish he would be still there to see all the beauty of this area :o)

Molly and Mackie said...

We have never been to Wyoming or Colorado. The sky and the mountains are tremendous! Thanks for letting us tag along with you, Dory and Arty. The pictures are just beautiful!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...that's the Pronghorn Antelope you saw, isn't it??? How wonderfurs... I gotta tell yuz, of all the states, the ones which live large in my imagination, Wyoming is in the top three (with Ohio and Virginia)... and it dates back to all the watching of westerns in film and television!!! At least I have seen Ohio - now I got others to tick off the list...&*<> You showed us some very good reasons to visit!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Marg said...

Goodness, such good pictures with lots of wonderful views. You all sure had a great trip with lots of fun things. Glad you made the Mom go for a walk. And what fun to see a prairie dog. Thanks for this great post.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Looks like a lovely time. Wyoming looks as beautiful as Lady remembers it from a million years ago.

Emma said...

We haven't been to Wyoming...yet, but we have been through Colorado and there is some real pretty scenery there indeed. The mountain view is gorgeous! You two sure looked worn out from your travels!

Madi and Mom said...

Jumping Deer...I don't have a clue what they are but boy are they fast.
Mom would love to go to Wyoming and Colorado...the photos are breathtaking!! Big Sky for sure.
MOL bed roaching you two are so funny and such good travel buddies
Hugs madi your bfff

Sandra said...

Amazing amazing views and even the duo sitting on the bed at the end is an amazing view. Two very beautiful States and I would love to visit

Sandra said...

I think those deer or Antelope but I'm not sure

tubby3pug said...

So beautiful! Ive always wanted to go to Wyoming. Im a big fan of the author Annie Proulx and so many of her books are set there. Those big skye!

C.L.W.STEP said...

Wow! What wonderful photos! We loved seeing the pronghorn antelopes, and you funny antics too.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful place. Bet there were so many good smells. Hope it was a blast
Lily & Edward

Sketching with Dogs said...

What a vast, open landscape. I just love all the photos. You are all having such a great time!
Elliot x

Tails Around the Ranch said...

Rats, you were in our state and we didn't know?! Sam is so bummed; we'd have loved to meet you guys in the furs. Colorado...the state 🎶 where the deer and the antelope play (just like in your pic 😀), where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day. Home, home, on the range...🎶

Murphy said...

And the bestest part was when we ran into each other!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

The Army of Four said...

What gorgeous photos!!! Our mom has been to both CO and WY, but we haven't. We LOVE those wide-open spaces and the antelopes and stuff!!!
Margaret Thatcher

Louis the Blogging Dog said...

Fresh air, open spaces, so beautiful.
We love to travel.
From Vancouver,
louis Dog Armstrong

Christmas & Robin said...

Very pretty!

Sammy Sam said...

Very nice travel log. Thanks for the photos and for taking us along.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Isn't is just amazing how diverse all the different areas of our country are!!! We have never been to either Colorado or Wyoming, although the Momster has been to Colorado a few times. That was such a very serene park for you to have a nice walk. Thanks for sharing some more of your journey travels.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Millie and Walter said...

Another great leg on your journey. Our momma has a question. What does your momma do with you two when she has to use the facilities especially if it is too hot to leave you in the car?

Casey said...

Oooh, roaching tag on a big bed is totally pawesome!

Ruby said...

OMD, that looked pawsome guys!!!! Such beautiful scenery!!! And I'm all for bed roachin'!!! BOL thanks for the tour guys!
Ruby ♥

Dachshund Nola said...

How beautiful!

I think those deer are Pronghorns. :D

BZ Dogs said...

You've seen a lot! The boys were impressed by those huge, horned, short-tailed squirrels you saw bounding across the grass. Or perhaps they were cats. The boys are still debating the issue. :)